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Endemol Games is a reputed provider of online betting games to online casinos and operators across multiple platforms. Originally a global TV production house, Endemol develops online gambling games, including slots and other games, based on TV properties it has developed over the years. You can play these games either from your desktop or from a mobile device - a tablet or a smartphone.

Endemol Games

Please note that this software provider does not allow Australians real money play.

Endemol is a London-based company that is renowned for producing some of the biggest and most popular branded TV shows in the UK. These shows have been so popular that they have been franchised out to other geographies as well. After making a name for itself as a producer of some of the biggest TV shows and game shows in the world, Endemol has now expanded its horizons to include games for the online and mobile gambling industries.

Endemol was founded in 1994 and is governed by the laws of the Government of England. Today, you can access games from this reputed online casino content developer on a number of online and mobile casinos. This is possible, even though its decision to showcase its products at online casinos has been quite recent, thanks to its partnership with a sizeable number of online gambling platforms as well as online gambling operators.

Endemol has a great advantage when it comes to increasing its reach among online gambling fans worldwide even though it is relatively new and has a fairly small game list compared to some of the veterans of the industry. Its TV shows are universally known - who has not heard about Big Brother, for instance - and all it is therefore doing is converting these cool TV shows into online casino games.

A team of experts from different fields - game math, design, software, engineering, and more ensure that the integrity and look and feel of the original game shows are retained in the online casino versions as well. At the same time, there is no compromise in terms of the fun and features that the player experiences when he clicks on an Endemol game.

Quick Facts

Endemol Games Casinos

Endemol Games has not always been in the online gambling business. As you all probably know, this is a globally renowned company that has in its portfolio some of the biggest TV shows you have ever seen. There are quite a few casinos that offer Endemol's games. When you are at one of these casinos, you can pick from a wide range of games n offer, all unique in their own way.

Online casinos are now accessing Endemol's games directly from them or through the partnerships Endemol has forged with platforms and operators in the industry. At these casinos, players can play Endemol's games on a computer or a mobile device.

Some of the major Endemol-powered online/mobile casinos are listed below:

  Casino Accepts Bonus Description  
Ladbrokes Casino
New players at Ladbrokes Casino receive a 100% first deposit bonus up to £500. -



Free Play


High Roller




No Deposit




How We Scored Cadillac Jack

Software and Products

Endemol provides casino software that is strong and provides the games with some exciting features. The software enables multi-table play, the ability to track game history, and much more. All the games from Endemol are fun and easily recognizable. That is because they are themed on the TV properties created by the company, and those are properties that are big brands globally. Each game has an individual feel that is completely in sync with the original TV show.

There are different kinds of online gambling games that Endemol has been developing in recent years. Currently there are 69 games on offer:

  • Slots: The slots come with excellent quality graphics, superb sound, good animations, and also cool bonuses and free spins. There is an element of innovation attached to their development as well, the objective being to ensure players have maximum fun and a good shot at winning big. These are usually 5-reel slots with multiple paylines that you can play for real money. The slot games currently available from Endemol are:
    • Come On England!
    • UFC
    • The Million Pound Drop
    • Catch Phrase
    • Big Brother
    • The Money Drop
    • Deal or No Deal: The Banker's Riches o Hulkamania
    • Golden Balls: Steal the Jackpot
    • ¡Allá tú! (Deal or No Deal Spain)
    • Deal or No Deal World Slot
    • Big Brother World Famous Slot
    • Gran Hermano (Big Brother Spain)
  • Fixed Odds games: There are a large number of fixed odds games that Endemol Games offers casino operators. These include:
    • Alien Supernova
    • Avast ye Booty
    • Battlecash Bonanza
    • Fear Factor Inferno Skill Game
    • Fear Factor Tower Power
    • Deal or No Deal
    • Deal or No Deal Blackjack
    • Deal or No Deal Instant Win
    • Deal or No Deal Roulette
    • Deal or No Deal Jackpot
    • Deal or No Deal Jackpot International
    • Deal or No Deal International
    • Le Banquier (Deal or No Deal Canada)
    • ¡Allá tú! (Deal or No Deal Spain)
    • Deal! (Deal or No Deal Greece)
    • Affari Tuoi (Deal or No Deal Italy)
    • Deal or No Deal Mini
    • The Money Drop International
    • Money Drop (Greece)
    • The Money Drop (Italy)
    • Atrapa un Million (The Money Drop Spain)
    • Grand Fratello (Big Brother Italy)
    • Gran Hermano Especial Noche de Expulsion (Big Brother Spain)
    • Aztecs N' Adders o Fruity Supernova
    • Star Sign Supernova
    • Tower Power
    • Golden Balls o Golden Balls Scratch Card
    • King Africa Scratch Card o Route to Riches Scratch Card
    • Shut the Box
    • The Million Pound Drop (UK)
    • Super Deal! (Deal or No Deal Greece)
    • Deal or No Deal Mini Game (Bulgaria)
    • Deal or No Deal Mini Game (Sweden)
    • Super Deal! Mini Game (Deal or No Deal Greece)
    • Deal or No Deal (Bulgaria) o Deal or No Deal (Sweden)
    • ¡Allá tú! Mini Game (Deal or No Deal Spain)
    • Deal or No Deal International Mini Game
    • Big Brother Scratch Card
    • Baltimore Drop
    • Big Brother All Star Eviction Night
  • Scratch Cards: Endemol currently offers 5 cool scratch card games to online casino operators. They are:
    • Avast ye Booty
    • King Africa
    • Route to Riches
    • Golden Balls
    • Big Brother
  • Mini Games: Quite a few of the fixed odds games from Endemol Games are also available as mini games. These include:
    • Deal or No Deal Mini
    • Deal or No Deal Mini Game (Bulgaria)
    • Deal or No Deal International Mini Game
    • Deal or No Deal Mini (Sweden)
    • Super Deal! (Deal or No Deal Greece)
    • ¡Allá tú! (Deal or No Deal Spain)
  • Bingo: Endemol also offers a bingo game to casino operators. The game in question is Deal or No Deal Bingo, which looks great and comes with a cool progressive jackpot.

Apart from games for online casinos, Endemol Games also has been actively developing gaming products for land-based casinos as well. They have, for the past few years, been creating Skills with Prizes (SWP), Amusement with Prizes (AWP), Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), slot based terminals (Cat B2), and fixed odds terminal (Cat B3) machines.

It has also partnered with Inspired Gaming to distribute SWP and B2 games to their respective platforms directly. That is not all; it has also been collaborating with UK's National Lottery for some years now and has also been increasing channeling of its gambling products to other geographies outside the UK.

Endemol Games Overview

Endemol Games is one company that has made the transition from the world of entertainment to the world of online gambling smoothly. The strategy has been rock solid and paid rich dividends: leverage the power of the Endemol brand to convert existing branded shows into highly popular online and mobile casino games. This game developer uses the latest in technology, including social media tools and websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to promote a number of its products online.

The instant recognition value of the Endemol brand has helped its cause immensely and enabled it to develop a bouquet of offerings that include 13 video slots, 44 fixed odds games, 5 scratch card games, 6 mini games, and a bingo game. All these games come with high quality graphics that lend a degree of flair and freshness to the interface. The games are dynamic too, with a number of player-friendly features in each of them.

Featured Endemol Games Slot

There are quite a few slots that Endemol Games has developed, but none is possibly as flamboyant as the Hulkamania slot. There are a few new slots that get your attention immediately, like Big Brother and UFC, for instance, but none of these have the instant recall value of Hulkamania.

The Hulkamania slot is a tribute to one of the iconic and legendary figures from the world of wrestling entertainment, Hulk Hogan. A 12-time world champion at the WWF/WWE, Hulk Hogan is someone we have all seen on TV or may be even in the flesh, and we all know about that amazing phenomenon called Hulkamania. You see all of this in this unique slot from Endemol Games.

The Hulkamania slot is a 5-reel game with 20 paylines that offers a maximum win of 250,000. This amazing game is rich in Hulk-related symbology: his Rayban shades, the alphabets from his name, loads of money, the Hulkster himself, the championship belt, wild and scatter symbols, gold bars, and also a gold coin with ‘Republic of Hulkamania' embossed on it. The game is exciting and has two bonus rounds:

  • Arm Wrestling Bonus: This is a free spins bonus that is triggered when 3 scatter symbols land on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels.
  • Big Fight Bonus: This is a cash prize bonus round where you get to win cash by helping the Hulk beat his opponents.

Other Endemol Games slots that you get to see online include:

  • Come On England!
  • UFC
  • Big Brother
  • The Money Drop

Endemol Games Mobile Games

Endemol Games has also entered the mobile gaming market, which means you can play some of its offerings from a tablet or a smartphone. In the initial stages it licensed out some of its brands to leading mobile game developers like Gameloft and Electronic Arts Mobile (EA Mobile). The games licensed to these entities include:

  • Golden Balls
  • 1Vs100
  • Deal or No Deal

In recent times, Endemol Games has also developed and published its first iPhone game in partnership with Tag Games: Red Ball Challenge, a game that is based on Total Wipeout.

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