About Us

For first time players, the world of online gambling can be daunting because there are so many online casinos in operation, and it can be tricky to pick the good from the bad. But that’s where CasinoShortlist comes in. Our aim is to seek out the very best online casinos so you don’t have to. All you have to do is read our reviews, pick the casino that appeals to you, and proceed to play with complete peace of mind.

Why CasinoShortlist?

Over a decade of experience in the online gambling industry is the short answer. Our close-knit team has collectively been involved in the industry since the mid-1990s, which means they have a deep insight and knowledge with regards to where online gambling has come from, where it is right now, and importantly, where it is headed.

When we launched CasinoShortlist, we had one aim in mind – to become a useful and respected online gaming portal, where both new and experienced online gamblers alike can find a list of the world’s premier online casino sites, games and promotions with just a few mouse clicks. And judging by the extremely positive response we’ve had to the site, we are delivering as promised.

Each and every one of the online casinos featured on this site has been reviewed at length to ensure that it meets the criterion that determines a best online casino.

Specifically, this means that each is licensed and regulated, protected by state-of-the-art security systems, powered by the world’s best software (games) developers, offers a wide variety of safe and discreet banking methods, boasts lucrative promotions and sign up bonuses, has efficient 24/7 customer care facilities and has a reputation for offering quality gaming consistently.

Meet the CasinoShortlist Team

Even though the CasinoShortlist team numbers just three, they are a power trio that together have made this site possible, and will keep on seeking out, reviewing and recommending only the best possible online casinos for your gaming pleasure. Here are the movers and groovers:

  • Sharon Kingsby - Editor

    Ever since Sharon left college, she has been involved in online journalism because, as she puts it, it is so “dynamic and immediate that the challenge is to keep up.” Well keep up she has and from running successful blogs, information sites and news sites, Sharon is now proud to be the chief of CasinoShortlist, who has made it her mission to ensure the site’s ongoing quality and integrity.

  • David Redknapp – Writer

    David has been a successful writer for over 20 years and having excelled in magazines, papers and even in TV briefly, he found his ideal medium to be the internet because of its enormous scope and freedom. As a gambling fan, David jumped at the opportunity to become the writer at CasinoShortlist, which is why he tackles each and every review and story like it is his last.

  • Lulu Singer – Webmaster

    A graphic designer by training, Lulu cut her teeth on the internet by designing banners for a host of early online casinos which is where she developed her passion for the online gambling world. So when CasinoShortlist came knocking, Lulu was very eager to design, develop and maintain the site, which is precisely why it is so slick and professional, and super easy to navigate.