American Express is a well established publicly traded financial services corporation, known as AmEx for short. It has been in business since 1850 and began offering financial services in 1891. Headquarters of this American company are located in Manhattan’s financial district. The payment solutions offered by American Express include a charge card, a credit card and travelers’ checks. Travelers’ checks have declined in popularity since the evolution of so many new methods of payment that are much more secure for both consumers and merchants. However, the cards are still very commonly used, though they do not have the sales volumes of their competitors, Visa and MasterCard. The original American Express card was a charge card, meaning that the balance had to be paid in full every month. It was only in 1987 that American Express started offering true credit cards with a revolving balance.

About AmEx

Within the categories of charge cards and credit cards, American Express products can be divided into sub-categories. The charge cards have different levels of prestige and privilege associated, from the standard AmEx Green card, through the Gold all the way up to the exclusive Platinum card. There is an annual members’ fee to hold these cards. The first American Express credit card was the Optima, which is now gradually being replaced by the “Blue from American Express.” Credit cards come in the same system of levels as the charge cards, although there is one additional, ultra elite card, the Centurion or “black” card. Distinctions between the AmEx charge cards and credit cards are beginning to blur, as the company permits extended payments on charge cards, subject to credit approval.

Where To Use This Method

Any of the American Express charge cards or credit cards may be used at partner merchants, which include many online casinos. There has been some resistance in the past to accepting AmEx because transactions are processed differently and because American Express used to charge higher merchant fees. However, the situation is improving and you will be able to use your AmEx card for both convenient instant deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. The Platinum and Centurion cards are especially handy if you are a high roller and would like to deposit significant sums, with proof that you are indeed the cardholder.


American Express is a quick, easy and secure method of online deposit and withdrawal. Payments are credited instantly. The “upper level” cards – Platinum and Centurion – can be used to transfer large sums of money, unlike most other forms of remote payment. Most importantly, US players are permitted to use American Express cards to pay for online gambling services.