Wire Transfer

The first wire transfers were made by telegraph companies many years ago, and the Western Union continues to provide a money transfer service for remote payments to individuals or businesses. (In fact money transfer is Western Union’s main occupation these days since it got out of the telegraph business back in 2006.) Most banks also offer wire transfers, which in the modern era are effected via computer rather than by wire. Bank wire transfers are probably the safest means of sending money for purchases and payments on the Internet, because you do not have to reveal any personal or financial information whatsoever to the online merchant. Wire transfers can be used to fund online casino accounts.

About Wire Transfer / Bank Wire

Western Union wire transfers are very simple – you don’t need a bank account or a credit card. Just bring your official ID and enough cash to cover the amount you wish to send plus the transaction fees to any local agent for Western Union Money Transfer. Complete a short form with details of the intended recipient and you’re done. Bank wire transfer is available if you have a bank account with sufficient funds for the transfer amount. These can be made in one of two ways – by filling out the transfer request form in person at your bank branch or by making use of online banking services. Although you pay for a transfer on the spot, in cash or via an immediate deduction from your bank account, your purchase or casino deposit will not be completed until the payee receives the funds, which may take a few hours or even days.

Where To Use This Method

Quite a number of casinos on the Internet accept wire transfer / bank wire. The method is very reliable, and there are very rarely cashbacks. It is also one of the most convenient means of paying out player withdrawals. Casino operators often give alternative payment bonuses to players who load their account via wire transfer or bank wire. One major plus of non-bank wire transfers of making online casino payments is that they can generally be used by US residents. Another plus is that bank wire transfers can be used, upon proper proof of identity, to deposit large sums of up to $20,000.

Advantages of Wire Transfer / Bank Wire

Wire transfer / bank wire is a trustworthy way to send money for purchases without making any of your financial details known to the online merchant or casino. You know exactly how much you are spending. With this method, you do not need a credit card to make payments and withdrawals via the Internet. Unlike most other remote payment methods, large amounts of money may be deposited with bank wire transfers. American players can use non-bank wires to pay for online gambling.