Pai Gow

Pai Gow is a casino card game of Chinese origin. The player’s objective is to beat the dealer or the “house.” This is done by separating the cards that are dealt to the player into two poker style hands. The larger of the player’s hands has to be worth more than the smaller, and each must beat the corresponding hand made by the dealer. Because learning to play Pai Gow does not involve sheer blind luck, but also strong elements of good judgment and skill, it is useful to study the strategy that has been developed by generations of experienced players. One way of doing this is to practice with a game of Pai Gow free online.

Strategy and Articles

Playing Pai Gow Online

In online Pai Gow, both the player and the house will be dealt 7 cards, from a deck of 52 cards plus joker. The joker may be used as an ace or to substitute for any card required to make up a straight or a flush. The player will arrange his cards into 2 poker hands, one of 5 cards (which must be the higher valued hand) and the other of 2 cards. When he is satisfied with the arrangement, his hands are compared to the house’s hands. If each is higher than the corresponding hand belonging to the house, he wins. If only one is worth more than the house’s corresponding hand, the round is a “push,” or tie. When both hands are lower than the house’s, the player loses.

Where To Play

Finding a casino to play Pai Gow online can be a bit of a challenge. Not all casinos offer this game, so look around for one that has a good selection of table games, including this Oriental classic. Next, you will want a casino backed by high quality software that provides a realistic version of Pai Gow, which will best replicate the excitement of playing in a land based gaming establishment. Check that it is easy to make deposits and withdrawals using the payment method that you like best. Finally the casino should be committed to high standards of security and fair play.

Free Play

Because strategy is such an important factor in winning at Pai Gow, it’s a good idea to learn the game well and work on your moves before you begin wagering real money on the game. A number of casino sites will let you play Pai Gow free online. This allows you to practice and improve your skills in a low pressure environment. Then when you want to move up to playing with real cash, you will have developed the know how to do so to your best advantage, therefore this is highly recommended for any player looking into this cool casino game.