Top Online Blackjack Casinos for Australians

On this page you will find a shortlist of best Australian casinos where you can play real money blackjack as well as how to get your hands on great bonuses.

Blackjack is an immensely popular card game at land-based casinos and the same is true of online casinos. It gets its appeal from its simplicity, combined with its levels of excitement and the fact that there are strategies you can adopt that will increase your chances of winning and overcoming the house edge. In fact it's probably true to say that blackjack is the most strategic of all the casino games.

If you're an Australian blackjack player and you're looking for online blackjack games you have loads of choice. However, not all blackjack casinos are equal, for a number of reasons. Firstly they use different blackjack software. Some software providers have better blackjack games than others. Secondly - and very importantly - they have different bonus offers. Some casinos exclude blackjack from the wagering requirements to earn their bonuses, because of the aforementioned ability to overcome the odds somewhat. Luckily, other casinos have blackjack specific bonuses to entice online blackjack players, so these are the casinos you should look for.

This is why we've compile a list top blackjack casinos for Australians, which you'll find below. You can also go to our blackjack games page to find information on the different games and software.

In this article you'll find:

Best Australian Blackjack Casinos - The Shortlist

To help Australian players quickly get started playing online blackjack, here's the shortlist of our top picks of online blackjack casinos:

Playing at Live Blackjack Casinos

One of the most exciting and engaging ways to play blackjack online is to find a casino that offers live dealer blackjack games. This takes online blackjack to a whole new level, as you're not just interacting with some animations in a software programme. A real life blackjack table with a live dealer is set up in a studio and videoed live in high definition, then streamed to your computer. The dealer responds to the inputs you make on your computer, so it's just like playing a real live blackjack game, except from the comfort of your own home.

Blackjack live from 32 Red Casino
Blackjack live from 32 Red Casino
32Red Casino
Play at 32 Red's Playboy Live Casino 32Red Casino

The process is simple. You simply log in to the casino and then choose a Live Dealer Blackjack game from the list of games that you see. Once you've clicked on the game a screen will open where you will see a real blackjack table and dealer, waiting for you to play. You place your bets using the game controls and then the dealer deals you your cards. Then just as you would with a blackjack software game, you click the game control buttons according to what actions you want to take (Hit, Stand, Double, Split etc) and play out your hand. Once you have completed your play, the dealer will play, and you will see the hand's outcome.

How To Protect Yourself When Playing Online Blackjack

If you are looking to play online blackjack it pays to have a good understanding of the game. Because you're playing a casino game with a built-in house edge and the elements of chance and luck, there are obviously risks involved. So it's all about taking calculated risks and guarding against folly.

There are also some risks that have nothing to do with how well you play, and these are the truly perilous ones. Here are some ways to protect yourself from these risks when playing online blackjack, and decrease your chances of losing badly.

Choose the right online blackjack casino

There are plenty of well-established and completely trustworthy online blackjack casinos. Equally there are the more dodgy ones, which - while in the minority - are certainly not places at which you would want to play. They typically specialise in enticing players with big bonus offers and then making it virtually impossible to ever withdraw anything. Most reputable casinos will publish their licensing details and will indicate that they have been certified by an oversight organisations like TST or eCOGRA. You should also check our list of top-rated online blackjack casinos above.

Know the casino's withdrawal policies and how to withdraw your money

Before you even make a deposit at an online blackjack casino, make sure you know how to withdraw your money. Reputable casinos will spell it out clearly in their banking information sections or in their FAQs. Find out if there is a minimum withdrawal limit, what wagering conditions are attached to deposits linked to bonus offers, and what withdrawal methods they offer. Remember that this is an area where the disreputable casinos try to hoodwink you, so be thorough in checking it out.

Read the terms and conditions

Yes, we all know what a pain it is to read the terms and conditions, with all the legalese and convoluted language. But it's very important that you know some specific information. Like what wagering conditions are attached to bonuses and deposits - specifically the playthrough requirements. Don't take up any "free money" offers just because they look enticing. Nothing is ever really for free.

Protect your login details

Treat your login and account details with the same care that you would your online banking details; after all, it's still your money. Make sure that you log out when you've finished playing, and don't leave your username and password lying around. Use good anti-virus and firewall software to protect your Internet connection. The good casinos have very strong security measures that protect you on their end, but you need to look after your own interests.

Stay in control

Don't overreach yourself or your bankroll when playing online blackjack. Set time and money limits and stick to them. Don't be reckless in trying to make up for losses. Don't spend more than you can afford and don't use money meant for other purposes (like rent or groceries). Beneath the thrill of online gambling lies the danger of addiction, so keep a close eye on your behaviour. If you feel your gambling is getting out of control, contact Gamblers Anonymous or GamCare - most reputable casinos have links to some or all these organisations on their websites.

Online Blackjack for Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets provide a wonderful degree of mobility and immediacy for Australians wanting to play online blackjack. You can log in and play from wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Blackjack on an Apple Iphone at Crazy Vegas Casino
Blackjack on an Apple iPhone at Crazy Vegas Casino
Crazy Vegas
Play instant mobile blackjack at Crazy Vegas mobile Crazy Vegas

Technological advances and the widespread use of mobile devices have prompted all the major casino software providers to develop mobile game versions. These game catalogues are usually a bit smaller than the desktop versions, but they still include all the most popular types of games, and they definitely include blackjack.

The developers have ensured that their mobile blackjack software is compatible with all mobile device flavours - Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. You usually have a choice of downloading an app or playing instantly using the browser on your device. In fact browser-based games are starting to overtake downloadable apps and casinos are starting to offer the former more than the latter, mainly because it's quicker and easier.

You won't need to open a separate account at the online casino to play on your mobile device - the casinos use a single account method, where all your details are synched across the different ways that you use to play (e.g. laptop and smartphone), so you simply use the same login details all the time.

Blackjack Tournaments for Australians

Some online casinos offer lucrative and fun blackjack tournaments that you can enter. With a blackjack tournament it isn't just about beating the dealer - your aim is to win more chips than the other players at your table. The tournaments work similarly to poker tournaments, where there are multiple tables. Usually the top one or two players at each table are moved to the same table where they compete against each other - this process continues until the final table is arrived at. Tournament rounds usually last for around 30 hands each, at the end of which the chips are tallied and the winners advance.

One difference in a blackjack tournament compared to normal table play is that the dealer doesn't always deal first to the player in the first position. The starting position for the deal is rotated around the table.

There are a number of different strategies that you can use in these tournaments, with the simplest being to simply do the opposite to the other players. This is based on the observation that in most hands all players will have similar results - either everyone beats the dealer that goes bust, or the dealer beats most players. So if you are the player that is doing things differently, you can end up bucking the trend and land up with more chips.

Online blackjack tournaments offer great prize money to the top finishers, so if you're a blackjack aficionado and you know your basic strategy, why not try them out.

We recommend Crazy Vegas Casino and 32 Red Casino for blackjack tournaments.