Mac Casinos

This page explores the best Apple Mac casinos for Australians and dispels the myth that Mac users are at a disadvantage to PC users when it comes to choice.

Mac users might well have previously felt a little excluded by the lack of Mac compatibility of much of the available online casino software. Many of these Internet-based gambling sites used to rely on a downloadable software platform that was originally designed for a Windows operating system and therefore is not compatible with a Mac desktop computer or MacBook.

But these days Mac users have far more choice and can play at most online casinos, thanks to instant play Flash technology.

What's different about instant play and Mac casinos?

All Mac products run on a different operating system to the more common Windows-based computers and laptops. This means that downloading casino games is just not an option for Mac users, unless the online casino provides a specifically Mac compatible version of its games software.

However, the good news is that more and more online casino operators now offer instant play games. These games launch in directly in the browser, without requiring any software installation. These instant play casino platforms use Flash technology, which runs perfectly well on Mac computers. There has recently been a marked improvement in the quality of these browser-based online casino versions, so that they now provide a comparable experience to that of playing on the downloadable software version. Consequently their popularity has grown and we have seen widespread rollout of Mac Casinos.

So all that is now required for Mac users to enjoy online gambling is the Safari browser with the requisite Flash plug-in.

How to choose a Mac Casino

First and foremost, check the number of the casino's games that are available to you in instant play format. If there's a good selection in the Flash version, you're off to a great start. Before you sign up as a member, though, double-check that you will definitely be able to play at this casino using your Mac. See whether the FAQs mention Mac compatibility, or contact customer support with your questions. If you get an affirmative answer, the next step is to look at the casino as any potential player would. See if the games, the bonuses and the jackpots on offer appeal to you.

Popular iOS Games

Once you're found an online casino to play at, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Flash. Then you will be ready to start playing casino games. The most popular Mac casino game is slots, which usually dominate the scene at casino sites. Video poker, card games, table games like blackjack and roulette, and other games like sic bo and war are all popular with Mac users as well. Of course, progressive slots are also in demand for their potential to win you enormous jackpots. Please be aware that even in the Flash format, certain games such as scratch cards, keno and European roulette may not be playable on your Mac.

Mac Casinos FAQs

Do I need anything special to play at an online casino with my Mac?

The only thing you need is a browser and Flash technology. This simply requires that your browser has a Flash plug-in. Most casinos will prompt you to download the plug-in if your browser doesn't already have it.

Will I be able to play the same games in the Flash casino?

Yes. These days most instant play Flash casinos contain pretty much the same games as the downloadable software versions.

Is an instant play casino secure?

Yes. The same security measures are used at instant play casinos as at downloadable casinos. Your connection to the casino is protected by SSL technology and strong encryption protects all your information and transactions.

Is the quality the same?

Yes. Due to advances in Flash technology you now get the same quality graphics, speed and game mechanics as you do with a downloadable casino.

Will I be able to use the same banking methods?

Yes. All the supporting features of the games are the same as with downloadable casinos. It's just the method of connecting and opening the casino that is different. So once you're logged in you'll have the same options available to you.

Can I get bonuses at an instant play casino?

Yes. Online casinos usually offer exactly the same bonuses in their instant play casinos. So any bonus or promotion that you see on the casino website will be available to you when you register an account and start playing the Flash casino.

What happens if I lose my browser's connection to the Flash casino?

Everything is handled in a way that protects your bet. If you have placed a bet and a follow-up bet is required (as in video poker), your initial bet is returned to you as your turn could not be completed. If you have placed your final bet (as in roulette), the outcome of the spin is given to you when you reconnect and any winnings are placed in your account.