Online Casino Software

Casino software has grown and developed along with the rise of the Internet in common use. Of course, one of the most popular features of the Web in its infant stage was games such as shooter games and strategy games. The early 90s saw the development of online gambling games and it is claimed that 1994 was the year the first true online casino was launched. Over the years online casino software has become increasingly more sophisticated, attractive and easy to use. Nowadays developers provide software for platforms that cover a wide range of possibilities. You will find software for downloadable games, browser based instant play games, Macs, mobile devices and WebTV.

Online Casino Software Companies

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Types of Online Casino Software Providers

The huge expansion of the online casino market has brought all types of software developers into the marketplace. It can be difficult to compare because they offer such different products. Some concentrate only on producing casino games, while others offer full service solutions for casino operators, including design, management, marketing and all back end processing. There are also niche developers who focus on producing only one type of game such as slots or bingo. Or they may specialize in a certain style, for example super realistic looking 3D games.

Reliability of Online Casino Software

When you are going to be dealing with large financial transactions in the anonymous atmosphere of the Internet, it’s vital to deal with a reliable company. A number of the software providers on today’s market have a checkered past; some have overcome their shaky start while others are still ironing out their problems. However, there are plenty of casino software developers which have built up a well deserved solid reputation. It’s best to look for licensing in a respected jurisdiction and certification that the software and algorithms have been verified by a third party testing organization such as TST. Membership in an industry self regulatory body like eCOGRA is another sign of reliability. All interactions between player and casino should be protected by 128 bit encryption technology.

Choosing an Online Casino Developer

When you choose an online casino, the gaming software it uses makes a huge difference. Think about what types of casino games you prefer. If you eat, sleep and breathe poker, for instance, then a casino that offers every known poker variant will be great fun for you. On the other hand, you may be a comics fan who loves casino games starring your favorite superheroes. There are casinos that have just what you are looking for, if their software provider has a licensing agreement with the comics brand. Or you may want to spread your play around among a large assortment of games. In that case, a casino with a huge portfolio of assorted titles will be just right. For some “hands on” examples, take a look at our software reviews and sample of casinos.