Responsible Gambling

Even though real money is at stake when it comes to online casinos, the one thing to remember is that online gambling – like all forms of gambling – should first and foremost always be fun and entertaining, which is where responsible gambling comes into the picture.

What Does Responsible Gambling Mean?

Responsible gambling means gambling only when you are at your country’s legal gambling age or above. It means only gambling with disposable income that you can afford to lose. It means knowing your limits, like when to cash out during a winning streak, and much more importantly, when to stop as soon as you recognize that you are on a losing streak. It also means seeking help immediately if you have a gambling problem, or even suspect that you may have a problem.

How to Recognize if You Have a Gambling Problem?

The best and quickest way to recognize whether you have a gambling problem is to ask yourself the following key questions, and answer them honestly. If you answer yes to most of them, we recommend you contact a problem gambling organization for assistance.

Do you gamble because you feel unhappy, bored or unfulfilled?

Do you only stop gambling when your funds have run out?

Do you think about gambling incessantly when you are not gambling?

Have you ever lied to cover up your gambling habits and/or to secure the funds to gamble?

Does your gambling affect those people closest to you?

Has your interest in your relationships and or friendships suffered as a result of gambling?

When you get angry or are disappointed, do you immediately want to gamble?

If you rack up gambling losses, do you want to recoup them immediately?

Helpful Problem Gambling Organizations

If you think you have a gambling problem, the best thing you can do is talk to someone about it which is where a host of gambling-related non-profit organizations come into play. These are designed specifically to help problem gamblers through free advice and assistance.

In the UK, GamCare is one of the most popular. The following link will take you to a list of the most popular gambling organizations by country:

What We Can Do to Help You

If you feel you have a problem, contact us and we will immediately remove you from our gambling mailing list in an effort to limit your exposure to tempting offers and promotions.