Visa is well known as one of the largest credit card companies in the world. This American multi billion dollar publicly traded corporation has its headquarters in San Francisco’s financial district, but does business all over the world. Visa provides its branded credit and debit cards to financial institutions such as banks, credit unions and building societies. The institutions then offer these payment solutions to their customers. The predecessor of the present Visa credit card was launched back in 1958, when it was known as BankAmericard. (The name change took place in 1975.) Today the credit card is still going strong and is available internationally. Two other Visa Inc. products are the Visa Electron and the Visa Debit card. Electron, which is not available to residents of Australia, Canada, Ireland or the US, was first released in the 1980s but is now losing popularity to Visa Debit.

About Visa

All of the Visa cards require that you have a current bank account. The cards are commonly used to make payments for Internet purchases at participating merchants. The main difference among the three is in the back office, so to speak. The Visa credit card allows the consumer to buy goods or services, up to a certain credit limit, and pay for them in the future. Visa Debit permits cardholders to make bank transfers in amounts over and above the current balance of their bank account, while the Visa Electron card, which may be issued as a credit card or a debit card depending on the policy of the issuing institution, does not. Customers can make withdrawals as well as payments with any of these cards.

Visa Casinos

The Visa name is recognized worldwide, so it should come as no surprise to hear that the three types of Visa payment cards are accepted by large numbers of casinos on the Internet. Players can use their card to make deposits to an online casino account, and also to withdraw funds when they wish to cash out. Simply indicate in the casino’s cashier section which card you plan to use as your chosen payment method. Deposits are easy and instantaneous, giving you access to funds to start playing right away. However, US players are not able to use these cards to play for online gambling.


Visa is convenient to use and accepted by millions of online businesses all over the world. The Visa credit card – and to a certain extent, Visa Debit – allows you to play now and pay later. Not requiring a credit check, Visa Electron is fairly simple to obtain. All of the Visa cards may be used to make withdrawals as well as deposits. You can ask Visa Inc. for help if you are questioning a charge.