Credit Card

Credit cards have come a long way since they were invented back in the mid 20th century. Early forms of credit cards were manufactured from paper stock. Eventually this was updated to the sturdier plastic, as the use of credit cards mushroomed in popularity. A large number of banks and other businesses such as oil companies began to issue credit cards to their customers. Credit cards were and still are a hit with consumers because of their convenience and relative safety. When remote payment became a widespread necessity with the due to the growth of Internet based commerce, credit cards were the obvious solution. Although these days an increasing number of online payment methods exists, the cards continue to be extremely popular.

About Credit Cards

The credit cards used to pay for e-commerce transactions are normally the type issued by a bank (as opposed to a merchant like a local department store). You need to go through a credit check, and afterwards are approved for a line of credit up to a specified dollar amount. Paying for items such as casino services online is easy. It is essential, though, to make sure you deal only with established, reliable online merchants who are committed to protecting their clients against credit card fraud. At the time of the purchase you will need to supply your credit card number and expiry date. You may also be asked to give your card security code for what are called “card not present transactions.”

Where To Use This Method/h2>

Virtually all online casinos accept at least some form of credit card as a means of paying for deposits to your casino account. Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly accepted. Conveniently, Internet casinos which take credit cards for deposits will generally process payments via the same method, crediting the amount to your credit card account. You will then have several options: to withdraw the payment in cash from your bank branch or ATM, or to use the credit toward other purchases with your credit card. Please note that due to the passage of the UIGEA, US residents may have difficulty paying by credit card (or any other bank related method) for online casino services.


The major credit cards are very easy to use to either deposit or withdraw at any online merchants, including casinos. Transactions are processed immediately, without the necessity of having the funds on hand at that moment. You will receive an itemized statement detailing all purchases, which you can pay off in stages if desired. Should you wish to dispute a charge, there is the possibility of a charge back.