EZIPay is a secure and simple to use online payment solution which consists of a rechargeable prepaid card. The EZIPay card may be used at some 25 million merchants internationally, both land based and on the Internet. Online payments are made by, in effect, transferring funds to the merchant from your EZIPay account, at no charge. The only service for which you need to pay a fee is making withdrawals with EZIPay. There are a number of options for reloading your EZIPay card with funds such as credit card, bank wire transfer, Western Union money transfer and PaySpark EZIPay ATM account. The EZIPay company, which used to be called PaySpark, is operated by, located in Cyprus and regulated by the Cypriot Central Bank. EZIPay supports three currencies – US dollars, euros and pounds sterling.

About EZIPay

Signing up for an EZIPay account is a very simple procedure that is free of charge. You will be asked to complete a registration form with the usual basic personal information. Then, subsequent to approval, your EZIPay account will be set up for you. Just deposit some money, up to the permitted total of €5000, and you will be ready to begin making purchases and payments on the Web, to any business you like which accepts EZIPay – online casinos included. When you wish to make a payment with this system, choose the EZIPay icon on the merchant or casino website. Then you will be directed to log on to your EZIPay account in order to select the amount to be paid out and confirm the transaction. You are not required to give a credit card number or your EZIPay account details to any online merchant, thereby ensuring your security. Withdrawals may also be made using EZIPay.

Where To Use This Method

The EZIPay and PaySpark names are not well known among many casino operators, although the parent company is working to publicize the payment service and expand its reach. At present EZIPay is accepted at some online casinos, although not all of them permit withdrawals using this method. Since the passing of the UIGEA legislation in 2007, US residents have not been permitted to use the EZIPay prepaid card system to pay for online gambling services.


EZIPay is a user friendly, handy and fast way to transfer funds to your online casino account, which offers the same convenience when you make withdrawals. You are not charged any fees to use espial’s services except for withdrawing money. Viewing the record of all your EZIPay transactions is simple and quick, allowing you to keep on top of how much you are spending.