Maestro Debit Card

Maestro is a debit card system that is owned by the MasterCard financial services company and was launched in 1990. There are two types of cards available with the Maestro brand. One of them is linked to your checking account at a financial institution such as a bank or credit union, while the other is a rechargeable prepaid account. Both are secure and easy to use methods of payment for land based or Internet purchases. The cards are accepted by over 12 million merchants multinationally, and are MasterCard’s major debit card brand in the European Union (where it may be co-branded with local debit cards), as well as a number of countries. Maestro cards may be used to deposit funds to online casinos and also to withdraw as the casino’s policy permits. US residents are not allowed to use Maestro debit cards to fund online gambling.

About Maestro Debit Card

To be eligible for a Maestro debit card, you must have a current account with a MasterCard associate financial institution. Application for the card is relatively simple since its use does not involve credit. When using the Maestro card online, select Maestro as your preferred payment option on the merchant’s cashier page. You will then be asked to provide the card number, together with the MasterCard Secure Code, which provides an extra level of protection against fraudulent use of your card. The prepaid debit card may be used for purchases to a maximum of the balance in your account at the time of purchase. However, the bank account linked card may have an allowance for overdraft.

Where To Use This Method

Maestro Debit Cards are accepted by many casinos online, especially those who wish to cater to a European clientele, even though the cards are not as well known as credit cards. At Maestro Debit Card casinos, the cards are reliable and convenient for the operators as well as the players. Customers may use the cards to make deposits to their online casino accounts as well as deposits, although the latter are often subject to limitations on the part of the casino. US players are not permitted to use any type of bank linked system, including Maestro Debit, to pay for Internet gambling services.


Unlike a credit card, it is not necessary to go through the hassle of a credit check to receive a Maestro Debit Card. The card is secure and handy to use. A large number of online casino operations will accept Maestro Debit and it is convenient and fast for both casino deposits and withdrawals. Prepaid Maestro cards make it easy to keep track of your money and to budget for your online gaming deposits.