New Online Casinos

On this page you will find new online casinos that have passed our expert testing and strict review criteria.

Our online casino experts continually test the latest crop of new casinos to take the guesswork out of choosing. If you're like most people you probably hesitate to sign up with an online casino that you don't know. It means putting your cash and your personal financial details on the line. And with the tremendous popularity of online gaming, new casinos on the Internet come - and go - all the time.

So we're here to help. If you're looking for a new online casino to play at and you want to be sure of a great gaming experience, choose one of the new casinos listed below. They are all recommended by our expert testers for their first-rate software, bonuses and customer service.

The latest Australian online casinos

If you're a regular online gambler you'll constantly see new online casinos launching. Each one sounds more glamorous and enticing than the one before, especially with those huge launch bonus promotions. Problem is, many of them don't have much to offer beyond this glamour and hype. And their amazing bonus offers are usually just more of the same - large bonuses that take forever to play through in order to see any actual money. It takes more than hype for a casino to provide a fulfilling playing experience and become one of the few that truly win the loyalty of players.

Having said that, let's face it - usually the single biggest reason to open an account at a new online casino is to take advantage of new bonus promotions. So we're not looking a gift horse in the mouth. It's just that we test and assess each casino individually to make sure that these bonus promotions are worthwhile. That they don't come with unrealistically onerous playthrough conditions and that players actually do derive some benefit from them.

So we analyse all these new kids on the casino block to see what lies beneath their glitzy exteriors and what exactly they have to offer you. If you live in Australia check out our free guides to the top online casinos for Australians. This is the place to find the best new casinos online.

How we choose sites that we review

How did we come up with the criteria for our ratings of the new online casinos? To know how a casino treats its members we had to go through the same experiences as other players. So for every online casino that we rate we sign up, deposit money, check out security, play the games and contact customer support.

In other words, we do everything you will when you join a new online casino. Then we give each category a score, add them together and come up with a systematic ranking for every casino.

Rating and Testing

Games: Most players look first at the variety and quality of games, so that's where we start. The casinos we choose as the best have an excellent selection of games - including all the favourites like slots, video pokers, card games and table games. Their game collections are typically very large, with some boasting as many as 500 game titles. They also regularly release new games.

Software: User-friendly interface and game design are essential. We choose casinos that use sophisticated software that makes the games easy and at the same time challenging and fun to play.

Sign-up: Once again, ease of use is what we look for. Fast, convenient and secure sign-up procedures get you started quickly on doing what you came for - enjoying great games.

Deposits and Withdrawals: Putting money into your account should be uncomplicated, with lots of payment options. These methods should also be very secure. Our picks offer a wide range of deposit methods, with high levels of security protection. Withdrawing money is just as straightforward. And, very importantly, the payout times of our top new casinos must be speedy.

How to choose a new online casino - Q&A

Now that you've read all of this, the question arises: how do you go about choosing a new online casino. Here's some advice...

Is the bonus the most important thing when choosing a new online casino?

While the bonus offer may be the primary attraction at a new online casino, and while we recommend these new casinos based on their bonus offers, it's certainly not the only important consideration. You should also look at their withdrawal policies, their licensing and certification, there customer support and their game variety.

Is it always better to choose the casino that offers the biggest bonus?

Definitely not. Remember that the casino needs to offset the size of the bonus - they'd go out of business if they had to give away too much free money. So all bonuses come with wagering conditions and these are a very important consideration when it comes to taking up a bonus offer.

Let's take two examples to demonstrate this:

Casino A has a $10,000 bonus offer - pretty exciting by any standards. But it also has 40x playthrough requirements. This means that in order to make your first withdrawal you need to make bets totalling a whopping $400,000 on various games. And don't forget that only a percentage of your bets counts towards the playthrough requirements, so the true total is a lot higher than that. Now how long do you think this will take you? And if you hit a big win in the first hour of playing, you won't be able to withdraw it at all until you've met the wagering conditions.

Meanwhile, Casino B has a $50 bonus offer, with the same wagering conditions. So here you only have to wager in the region of $2,000, which will take a lot less time. Which means that if you hit a big win, you can quickly meet the playthrough requirements and withdraw your money.

How do I know I can trust your new casino recommendations?

We've been around for a while and our expert reviewers really know their stuff. But we don't take this for granted, so we make sure that we are ultra diligent in our evaluations. We check out the casinos thoroughly, always personally experiencing every aspect of interacting with the casino. We don't leave any stones unturned in this, so we can confidently recommend the ones that we pick. And no, we don't let any kind of bias influence our decisions.

Does it matter what software a new online casino uses?

Yes, the casino software is very important, because it determines your entire playing experience. We make sure that the casinos we recommend all use reliable software that plays smoothly and looks great. Most casinos choose their games software from the same pool of software developers that have proven themselves over time, so you're usually assured of a good experience. Just be careful of a new casino that uses independent software that you've never heard of. It might still be a great place to play, but the software might also let you down. When in doubt, refer to our list of recommended new online casinos.