Keno is a lottery game, brought to the Western World from China. The players’ objective in this game is very simple – to choose a series of numbers from 1 to 80 that he hopes will be matched, at least partially, by the numbers that are subsequently “drawn” by the house’s RNG (random number generator). Of course the real objective is to win the payouts that predicting and choosing the correct numbers will bring. Since the game of Keno relies very highly on the element of luck, this is not an easy objective to achieve. Therefore, perhaps a secondary goal could be added – to play Keno for the thrill of the game and to dream about striking it rich.

Strategy and Articles

Playing Keno Online

Traditional Keno is played with a card divided into 80 squares, each numbered consecutively. To play Keno online, obviously a virtual card is necessary. The player is allowed to choose a certain amount of these numbers – often 12, sometimes as much as 15 – which he pays for. He left clicks each of his choices and then clicks Play to confirm his selections. This triggers a random drawing of 20 numbers. Each number drawn will be shown on your card, as well as which of your numbers were successful matches. Winning Keno numbers will result in payouts according to how many were chosen correctly and what percentage that is of the total selections.

Where To Play

Keno is a popular game on the Internet, and most online casinos have it among their table games. This means you can pick the best from among a good assortment of casinos. There are several factors to look for when choosing a Keno casino on the Internet. First, check the game’s pay table and try to find out the house edge for that particular version. Next, look at the casino itself to see whether it is user friendly and easy to navigate, with simple, convenient procedures for signing up, making deposits and receiving payouts. Customer support should be readily available for any questions you may come across. New player sign up bonuses can vary quite a bit from one casino to another – see what is on offer and whether keno counts toward the minimum wagering requirements.

Play For Free

There are quite a few versions of Keno available to play for free. This appeals to players for several reasons. Most people like to have a practice period while they are trying out a new game or skill, when they can get the feel of it without pressure – free Keno is ideal for this. Someone who is new to the game may want to check it out to see how enjoyable it is before committing to casino registration. A true keno fan may enjoy playing the free version even after spending his gambling budget for the time being.