EntroPay combines the features of some of the very best systems of online payment. It is described as a Prepaid Virtual Visa Card, meaning that it is used like a credit card and accepted by all online businesses which take standard Visa cards, you prepay it by loading the card with cash in advance of your purchases and it does not take the form of an old fashioned plastic card. Add to this the security of not being required to reveal personal financial details where you shop online and knowing that all transactions are protected by 128 bit encryption. Altogether you’ve got a very attractive payment option, one that is accepted by a great number of merchants online, including online casino operators. EntroPay Virtual Visa Cards are issued by the Bank of Valletta and subject to regulation by the respected UK Financial Services Authority.

About EntroPay

EntroPay’s uniqueness is obvious from the time you register – the company has made its member registration process almost unbelievably simple. You need to complete only 3 quick steps: filling out a few basic personal details, opting for the credit card which you will use to load your EntroPay Virtual Visa and decided how much you wish to deposit at the present time. Once this is confirmed, a Virtual Visa card is yours. Whenever you choose to make an online payment using your EntroPay Virtual Visa, you can access your card details on your computer or mobile screen. Payment via Internet is quick and easy with this method in your choice of currency – the British pound, the US dollar or the euro. Languages supported are English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

Where To Use This Method

Because EntroPay prepaid cards are part of the Visa system, they are extremely easy to use, being accepted by all casinos which are partnered with Visa. The casino operator has the assurance of the Visa name, while you have the assurance that none of your personal details re being revealed. If you are like most gamblers, you will appreciate the discretion involved. You may also make withdrawals via EntroPay.


Security and discretion, top concerns for anyone making online payments and especially for online gamblers, are assured with EntroPay Prepaid Virtual Visa Card. None of your credit card or other financial details are ever made available to any online casino or other merchant. At the same time, the system is extremely widely accepted and easy to use. Payments are credited to your casino account almost instantaneously. The fees charged for the various EntroPay services are very competitive, and there are no annual fees or interest to pay.