ECOcard Ltd was established in 1998, as a subsidiary of the Com Tec Co Group, and the company is headquartered in Luxembourg. EcoCard, the flagship product of ECOcard Ltd., is an online payment system that serves customers in over 30 European countries. This system provides the flexibility and broad based acceptance of a credit card, yet with much more privacy and security on the Internet. It actually consists of three closely related products – the ECO Web Card, the EcoCard Prepaid MasterCard and an EcoCard Virtual Prepaid MasterCard. Any of these cards can easily be loaded with cash to use for purchases of goods and services at any of the millions of participating businesses online. It is possible to fill up your card using either your PC or an app for your iPhone.

About ECOcard

Signing up for an ECOcard is simple, quick and free of charge, via the company’s website. Select your preferred currency from a list of 27. To deposit funds into your new ECOcard account, use your credit or debit card for instant deposits or a wire transfer, which will take several days. Once you are loaded up and ready to go, you can make payments to and purchases from merchants on the Internet, including online casino deposits. For speedy withdrawals, use your ATM card to take out sums in cash or have the amounts credited to your credit card account. Please note that deposits and withdrawals are subject to service charges, at very competitive rates.

Where To Use This Method

Like other debit cards, ECOcard is widely accepted as a means of payment at online casinos. The casino management appreciates the fact that this is a prepaid card, with none of the problems of insufficient funds or chargebacks associated with credit cards and checks. To use ECOcard at an Internet casino site, indicate in the cashier section that it is your selected method of payment. You can have casino withdrawals processed through your ECOcard as well. Unfortunately US residents are not allowed to use ECOcard for the purposes of Internet gambling at the present time.


An ECO debit card is simple to obtain, as you do not need to undergo a credit check or pay a registration fee. There is no necessity to reveal your personal financial information to Internet casino operators or other service providers, which means your online security is protected. You do not need to have a credit card or a bank checking account to use this service. It is easy to monitor your spending with ECOcard, and impossible to accumulate debt, since you cannot charge more money than you have in your account. The possibility to use this system for both payments and withdrawals is very convenient, as is the large number of currencies supported.