Direct Bank Transfer

The safest, most reliable method of online payment is also the oldest … albeit with a modern twist. Direct bank transfer, also known as bank wire transfer, has been used as a means of remote payment since the era when the idea of home computers was merely a science fiction fantasy. These days, bank transfers are still used as a payment system, but now instead of being sent by telegraph (the “wire” referred to in the alternative name for this method) they are sent by computer. Nevertheless, they are a sound method of sending money to pay for goods and services ordered over the Internet. You as the consumer have strict control over when and in what amount you choose to make any bank transfer and these transfers are universally accepted by merchants, including online casinos.

About Direct Bank Transfer

In order to send a bank transfer you must have a current bank account with sufficient funds to cover the amount you wish to send, as well as any fees for the transaction. You may initiate a bank transfer the old fashioned way, by physically going to your bank branch to complete the necessary paperwork, but more commonly in this day and age, transfers are processed using online banking. The amount of the transfer is deducted from your bank account. At this point you will most likely have to wait for a period ranging from a few hours up to 5 working days before the transfer is successfully received by the merchant or casino and credited to your account with them. Withdrawals may also be made by direct bank transfer, but they too are slow to process.

Direct Bank Transfer Casinos

Almost all online casinos will accept deposits via direct bank transfer. It is a very solid and secure method, whose one disadvantage – slowness – is not a problem for casino operators, as they do not need to credit the customer’s account until the funds have been safely received. Gamers may make withdrawals by bank transfer as well, although you may find that it is faster to request a check from the casino. Because US players are not allowed to pay for online gambling using bank linked methods, DBT is not an option for them at this time.

Advantages of Direct Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfer is the most secure and straightforward of any online payment methods today. There is absolutely no need to give sensitive financial information to the Internet casino to which you are making the payment. You run no risk of piling up debt or interest charges. You choose in advance exactly how much you are going to spend. The upper limit for DBT is much higher than for most other methods of remote payment, $20,000 per transaction.