Mycitadel / Citadel Direct

MyCitadel and Citadel Direct are online payment solutions developed by Citadel Commerce. A subsidiary founded in 2000 and wholly owned by the publicly traded company ESI Entertainment Systems Inc, Citadel Commerce has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and maintains branch offices in Malta and London, England. Citadel Direct is a customizable white label direct payment system that enables online merchants to accept direct payments from their customers while minimizing their risks of chargebacks and returns, while myCitadel is an e-wallet (electronic wallet) for Internet transactions. MyCitadel provides a secure and easy to use method of remote payment, which supports a large number of currencies, including ARS, BGN, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, ISK, MXN, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK, TRY, USD and ZAR. Service is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Turkish.

About MyCitadel

MyCitadel is not accepting new customers at this time. To use an existing myCitadel electronic wallet, deposit funds via debit card, credit card (only customers from Canada, France, Germany, Spain and the UK), direct bank deposit, electronic check (ACH, only available in Canada) or real time bank transfer (in EU countries). The money is credited to your account within seconds and you are ready to begin using this convenient and secure system to pay for purchases on the Internet. There is no charge for either deposits or payments. It is equally simple to withdraw cash from your myCitadel e-wallet. You can choose to receive your money by real time bank deposit (for EU customers), direct bank deposit or check.

Where To Use This Method

Casino operators are happy to accept payments by e-wallet because of the system’s reliability and convenience, as well as the fact that there are no chargebacks. If you would like to use your myCitadel e-wallet to make deposits to a casino account, simply indicate this payment method in the cashier section when you sign up as a new player with the casino. There is a deposit limit of €2500 on your myCitadel account, which may be increased if you verify your identity using address verification or an official ID; this is useful to know if you are planning on transferring large sums to an online casino.


MyCitadel is a safe and convenient online payment solution. You are not required to reveal any personal details to the site where you are making a payment. You are offered a number of flexible options for both deposits to and withdrawals from your myCitadel e-wallet. MyCitadel offers a customer VIP program, where you can earn points towards prizes. MyCitadel does not charge any fees on transfers of funds from your bank account or payments to online merchants.