Ukash is an extremely simple and convenient way to make instant payments online. The privately owned company, which was founded in 2005 in England and still maintains its head office in London, has expanded in recent years far beyond its original UK territory. Ukash is based on a system of prepaid vouchers that customers can “spend” freely at any participating merchant on the Internet, including online casinos. The system provides a high degree of anonymity. No sensitive information is transmitted over the Internet, making Ukash one of the most secure types of remote payment on the market today.

About Ukash

Ukash vouchers may be bought online or at one of the company’s 420,000 local outlets such as ATMs, post offices or newsstands, in 55 countries all over the world. There are no fees to buy or to use the vouchers. Ukash vouchers consist of a unique 19 digit code, which you will relay to the merchant when you make a purchase. Any “change” will be credited back to you in the form of a new code, to be applied to your next online transaction. If you wish, you can use Ukash to load prepaid cards and electronic wallets, as well as to purchase directly. You do not need to have a credit card or even a bank account to make use of this flexible online payment system.

Where To Use This Method

The Ukash payment system is well known to online casino operators. They are happy to accept this ultra easy guaranteed means of payment, which is similar to cash, but safer, especially because there are no cashbacks with this method. At some Internet casinos, you will be given a payment choice bonus when you select Ukash as your deposit method. Casino withdrawals cannot be made through Ukash, but rather will be processed by check or money transfer. Any player in any country, including the US, is permitted to deposit to an online casino account using the Ukash system.


Ukash may well be the most secure means of remote payment that you can choose. It is completely anonymous and safe. (You must, of course, not reveal the voucher codes to anyone except the online merchant or casino where you are making a payment.) This is an ideal system for anyone who does not want to deal with a bank or who prefers to keep his online casino activity super discreet. Ukash is also inexpensive, as there are no user fees or credit card interest. It acts as a great money management program, since with Ukash you literally cannot spend more than you have.