1 September 2016 - Please note that at the time of writing, Poli had suspended online gambling transactions. We will update this page as further information becomes available.

POLi, short for Pay On Line, is a digital or electronic wallet (“e-wallet”) system of online money transfer, which was launched in March 2006. Trading as POLi Payments, Centricom Pty Ltd operates the POLi system from its Melbourne Australia headquarters. POLi is offered to residents of Australia and New Zealand as a quick and convenient way to pay for their purchases on the Internet, including online casino deposits, without the need for the hassle or fees of a credit card. At first limited to access via a downloadable program for Microsoft Windows, POLi was recently released in a no download version that can be used on Macs and mobile devices as well as Windows PCs; so far the new version is available in Australia only.

About POLi

Essentially what POLi enables you to do is transfer money from your bank account directly to the online merchant or casino of your choice, free of charge. It is simpler to use than a standard online bank transfer because POLi Payments takes care of all the inputs for you. Your part is to log in to your account and confirm the payment. There has been some criticism of POLi in the past due to safety concerns related to the software download that was used in the past. The new browser based version should clear up those issues. This latest version has also raised some security questions of its own. However, the company’s software has been okayed by VeriSign and Secure Assessments.

Where To Use This Method

With 33 million Australian and New Zealand clients, POLi is becoming well known to online casino operators. The e-wallet system is accepted for payments at quite a number of casinos on the Internet. However, even if the casino of your choice does take POLi, you will have to check the POLi website to see whether the e-wallet system supports your bank. Because POLi works as an instant funds transfer, you must have sufficient cash in your bank account to cover the payment amount, and while POLi’s service is free, you will need to pay your bank its standard electronic funds transfer fee.


POLi is fast and very convenient to use, especially for people who do not want to pay by credit card. You do not have to sign up or pay any user fees for POLi’s services, which are accepted by many online casinos and other Internet merchants for remote payment internationally. As a bank account based funds transfer system, POLi helps you to regulate your spending – you can use money only up to the amount you currently have in your bank account.