Instadebit is an extremely fast, efficient and secure method of online payment. This Canadian system works similarly to writing a bank check or using a bank account linked debit card, except it is much more convenient. It allows you to make payments to merchants on the Internet directly from your current account at a Canadian bank or your Instadebit Balance Account, while protecting your private banking information. The service is easy to use and reasonably priced. Instadebit is a privately held financial services company that was founded in 2003 and has offices in Toronto, Canada, and in Malta. It is strictly regulated by the Canadian government. Instadebit is a leading edge expert in e-commerce and risk management, which specializes in solutions for the online gaming industry.

About Instadebit

To open your own account with Instadebit, just sign in using the form on the company website, including details of your Canadian bank account. Instadebit will protect your financial information and never pass it on to any of the merchants you deal with or any other third party, unless you give permission in writing. Your identity and bank account information will be verified by the INSTADEBIT IdentifyTM system. Immediately afterwards, you will be able to get started paying for online purchases directly via your bank account. You avoid the hassle of transferring funds to a second account and the fees that come with using a credit card. The Customer Login section allows you to review your transaction history whenever you wish. Instadebit supports transactions in both US and Canadian dollars.

Where To Use This Method

The Instadebit online payment solution was created by specialists in gaming industry e-commerce. Therefore it was designed to be extremely usable at online casino sites, for both deposits and withdrawals, from the word go. Casino operators recognize that Instadebit is a quick, safe and reliable means of processing payments from their customers in Canada, and that the company takes special care to avoid problems of fraud and identity theft. Instadebit was originally available for use by US gamblers; however, since the passage of the UIGEA, US customers are unfortunately no longer permitted to use this system for online casino gaming.


It’s worth saying again: Instadebit is fast, fast, fast and easy to use. The company goes to great lengths to implement the highest industry security standards to protect its customers online and has earned the government issued Trust-e seal in recognition of its efforts. Internet merchants are never allowed access to your personal financial details. You do not have the hassle or expense of transferring funds to a secondary account or paying credit card charges. You can use the system for both payments and withdrawals in your choice of US or Canadian dollars.