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Any discussion of games and films in the horror genre can never be considered complete if Dracula does not feature in it. There have been quite a few slots related to Dracula and the vampire world in general; Ooh Aah Dracula is one such video slot that takes brings Dracula to you in a fun and quirky way. The game has graphics directly associated with the horror genre, yes; but none of them look scary and are in fact fun to see. Even the bonus round, with tombstone and all, is designed to evoke players to jump in and play and not run away.

The game is rich in graphics and animations and also has a lot of features that work well for you. This includes the Hi Roller feature and the cool bonus round.

Play Ooh Aah Dracula for Free

Important Symbols and Combinations

  • Scatter: The heart with a stake through it is the scatter symbol in Ooh Aah Dracula. This symbol triggers the unique bonus round.
  • Wild: The WILD symbol is the wild in this game. The wild symbol replaces all symbols in the game except the scatter symbol.
  • How to win the top prize: The top prize in the game is a 5000 coin jackpot that is triggered when you land 5 Ooh Aah Dracula symbols in a row across the reels.
  • How the bonus round is activated: The bonus round gets activated when you land three scatter symbols anywhere across the reels in the game.
  • Other important symbols, if any: The other symbols in the game include a funky Dracula complete with a pair of snazzy shades, fangs, and sharp ears, a haunted castle, a cute-looking lady, and a bunny, apart from the numbers 10 through to Ace, all with a haunted look about them.


Ooh Aah Dracula is a fantastic and fun video slot from Barcrest Gaming with 5 reels and 10 paylines, with the symbols appearing across 3 rows in the game. The coin size ranges from 0.01 to 50. The minimum bet in this game is 0.10 and the maximum bet is 500.

The game not only looks fantastic thanks to a brilliantly conceived and designed interface but also has some cool player-friendly features. The first of these is the Hi Roller feature. You can opt to play the game in Hi Roller mode. The Hi Roller game is essentially a set of 5 spins for a pre-assigned price. During the Hi Roller mode the free spins bonus is in play, as are all the paylines. There are two Hi Roller modes you can choose from:

  • 20.00 Hi Roller: As the name suggests, this mode costs you 20.00 for a set of 5 spins. You have a chance to hit the Graveyard bonus, which comes with 5 Gravestones. The Graveyard bonus then comes into play at the end of the free spins. This bonus is a guarantee if you manage to hit the free spins bonus in this mode.
  • 30.00 Hi Roller: This mode costs you 30.00 for a set of 5 spins, but comes with slightly enhanced features compared to the 20.00 Hi Roller option. You have a shot at the Super Graveyard bonus, which comes with 6 grave stones. This bonus is guaranteed if you are able to hit the free spins bonus during this mode.

This is how the two graveyard bonuses work: you need to select a grave to know how many ghost symbols are there. Each ghost symbol is valued at 1.00.

Another cool feature is the Autoplay option that lets you play a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 rounds in automatic mode.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus round in Ooh Aah Dracula is the free spins bonus. This bonus is like the game itself: fun, funky, and highly rewarding, besides being extremely player-friendly. The bonus round consists of a maximum of 2 rounds. When the bonus round starts, you get a screen with two options for the bonus round: Round 1 and Round 2. Each round has one or more symbols assigned as the wild symbol. This symbol acts as the wild symbol throughout the round and replaces the other symbols to create winning opportunities for you.

Round 1 gives you 15 free spins and Round 2 gives you 10 free spins. The bonus round starts with Round 1. Once this ends, you have the option of ending the bonus round by walking away with your winnings. If you choose to go through with Round 2, you lose whatever you won in Round 1 and retain only what you won in Round 2 when the bonus round ends.

The bonus round is triggered when you land 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols anywhere across the reels. Depending on how many scatter symbols you land, you get one of the following 3 bonuses:

  • Free spins: Landing 3 scatter symbols anywhere across the reels triggers the free spins bonus that gives you 15 free spins. You cannot re-trigger the free spins during this bonus round.
  • Stake It or Leave It: You get this bonus when you land 4 scatter symbols across the reels. You get 2 bonus rounds. The bonus starts with Round 1 and at the end of the round you can end the bonus round by collecting your winnings. You can alternatively go to Round 2, in which case you lose your winnings from Round 1; you get to keep only what you win in Round 2 at the end of the bonus round.
  • Super Stake it or Leave It: You get this bonus when you land 5 scatter symbols across the reels. In this bonus you get 3 rounds:
    • Round 1: 15 free spins
    • Round 2: 10 free spins
    • Round 3: 5 free spins

This round also follows the same principle as the other 2 bonuses with regard to retaining winnings from each round.

Another cool feature in the bonus round is the Best Strategy Indicator feature. At the end of Round 1 for each of the bonuses mentioned above (and Round 2 for the Super Stake It or Leave It bonus), you get a screen with a meter embossed on a grave stone (complete with etchings on it) and a skeletal hand functioning as the indicator.

The Best Strategy Indicator feature gives you tips on what strategy to follow. The left of the meter represents the round just completed and the right represents the coming round. If the hand slants to the left, the best strategy indicated is to collect your winnings and leave the round. If the hand slants to the right, the best strategy is to continue to the next round. This is just an indicator, and not a guarantee that the strategy provided is actually the best.

Top and Secondary Prizes

The top prize in Ooh Aah Dracula is a 5000-coin jackpot that you can win if you land 5 Ooh Aah Dracula symbols in a row across the reels. The next big prize is a 1000-coin jackpot that you can win by landing 5 Dracula symbols in a row across the reels.

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