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The Peggle video slot is themed on the hugely popular game Peggle, a game that has been played by players not only at gaming consoles but also on mobile phones. This is a game that has seen over 50 million downloads across the world since its launch in 2007, a fact that has seen it make its way into the list of 5 most addictive computer games ever. The game takes you to the magical world of Peggle, where you set forth on your search for the 10 Peggle Masters. Each time you find and release a Peggle Master you get access to newer features in the game.

The interface is fun and the graphics are straight from the original game. The animations are excellent quality and make the game all the more attractive to you as a player. The superb features built into the game are guaranteed to have you play this fun game for a long time

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Important Symbols and Combinations

  • Scatter: The Extreme Fever bonus symbol acts like the scatter symbol in Peggle. This symbol activates the unique bonus round.
  • Wild: The sheriff's star symbol is the wild symbol in the game. This symbol replaces all other symbols except the scatter/bonus symbol.
  • How to win the top prize: The top prize of 500 coins is activated when you land 5 Peggle symbols in a row across the reels.
  • How the bonus round is activated: You trigger the bonus round when you land 3 Extreme Fever bonus symbols anywhere on reels 1, 2, and 3.
  • Other important symbols, if any: There are a whole load of other important symbols in this game. While the other symbols that you see on the reels during the normal game are important too, and include a golden trophy, a silver trophy, the Peggle logo, the red (devil) and blue (angel) Peggle icons, and the card deck numbers from 9 through to Ace, there are even more important symbols that you get going into the bonus round. These include the 10 Peggle Masters:
    • Bjorn
    • Claude
    • Tula
    • Jimmy Lightning
    • Warren
    • Splork
    • Renfield
    • Kat Tut o Lord Cinderbottom
    • Master Hu

All these symbols come with different characteristics and give you different numbers of free spins during the bonus game.


Peggle is one video slot that is very popular because of the mammoth popularity that the original game that it is based on originally enjoys across the world. The game has 5 reels and 50 adjustable paylines and 4 rows instead of the conventional 3 that you see in video slots, giving you even more opportunities to pick up wins.

The game has it all - great graphics and animations and some seriously exciting features in the bonus round that have the potential of making you win really big amounts. The coin size varies between 0.01 and 1.00, which means the minimum and maximum bets in this game are 0.50 and 50 respectively.

This is a game with 10 levels:

  • Peggle Apprentice: This is the first level of the game.
  • Winning Streak Master: You get this level unlocked by winning five spins on the trot.
  • Multiline Master: You unlock this level when you get a win that involves all 50 paylines.
  • Free Spins Veteran: This level is unlocked after you trigger the bonus round 20 times.
  • Bonus Bonanza Master: This level is unlocked when you hit the bonus round twice in a row.
  • Mega Bonus Master: This level us unlocked on winning a bonus that is at least equal, if not more, than 100x your total bet.
  • Paytable Master: Achieving every possible win line seen in the paytable's first page unlocks this level.
  • Every Loser Wins: Playing 10 spins consecutively without winning unlocks this round.
  • Godfather of Failure: Playing 12 rounds consecutively without winning unlocks this round.
  • Master of Disaster: Playing 15 rounds consecutively without winning unlocks this round.

The game also has sticky wilds and super stacked wilds appearing in some of the bonus spins, depending on the Peggle Master, to give you bigger wins. During the course of this game you need to achieve a series of goals. Each goal you achieve unlocks a Peggle Master. While this may seem to have no bearing on the regular game, the Peggle Masters have a huge role to play in the bonus game.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus round in Peggle is the Extreme Fever bonus round. This round is triggered when you land 3 Extreme Fever scatter symbols anywhere on reels 1, 2, and 3. Peggle's bonus round is very different from what you usually see in video slots. This is the round where the 10 Peggle Masters we had mentioned earlier come into play. When you start the bonus round, the first screen you get is one that asks you to select one of the Peggle Masters. You can select only from the Peggle Masters that you have already unlocked. Whichever Master you choose becomes a part of the bonus round and the bonus round itself gives you the free spins associated with the Master symbol chosen. This is what each Peggle Master has to offer:

  • Lord Cinderbottom: 3 free spins. This symbol turns a maximum of 4 symbols wild.
  • Splork: 5 free spins, where the Splork symbol appears in super stacks and change to one symbol.
  • Tula: 6 free spins. The Tula symbol appears on a reel to change the whole reel into a wild reel.
  • Renfield: 10 free spins. Renfield is a wild symbols and appears on the reels from the time it appears to the end of the free spins bonus.
  • Jimmy Lightning: 12 free spins. This symbol is a multiplier, and depending on how many appear on a winning spin, it can give you 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x multipliers on that spin.
  • Warren: 12 free spins. You get a Magic Circle bonus when one or more Warren symbols appear on the reels. The amount on the wheel depends on the number of symbols you land.
  • Kat Tut: 14 free spins. This symbol appears as super stacked wild symbols on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels.
  • Claude: 15 free spins. Three Claude symbols on the first 3 reels give you a cool Freeze Spins bonus.
  • Master Hu: All 50 paylines are in play during this spin. How many free spins you get through this symbol depends on the number of lines you have bet on. o 10 lines: 2 winning spins.
    • 20 lines: 4 winning spins.
    • 30 lines: 6 winning spins.
    • 40 lines: 8 winning spins.
    • 50 lines: 10 winning spins.
  • Bjorn: Unlimited free spins. To continue winning all you need to do is avoid the Collect.

Top and Secondary Prizes

The top prize in Peggle is a 500-coin jackpot. You can win this jackpot by landing 5 Peggle symbols in one row across the reels. The next big prize is a 400-coin jackpot, which you can win by landing either the red (devil) or the blue (angel) Peggle icons in a row across the reels.

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