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There are fun slots, and then there are the real fun slots. Taco Brothers falls in the latter category. This slot is themed on good vs. evil in the setting of the Wild West, specifically, Mexico in 1881. In the village of Santa Maria people lived happily; and then there came the evil Captain Diaz. He stole all the tacos and pesos from the villagers and that was when 3 brothers - Paso, Pepe, and Pico decided to help the villagers and steal the tacos and loot back from the evil captain. Lending them a pretty helping hand was Senorita, the beautiful daughter of the captain.

The game looks fantastic, with the high quality graphics and animations transporting you straight to Santa Maria in 1881. The sound effects are also in sync with the theme, and then there are the lovely player-friendly features, like the multipliers, free spins, and bonus round to keep you hooked to the game.

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Important Symbols and Combinations

  • Scatter: The safe symbol is the scatter symbol in Taco Brothers. This symbol triggers the bonus game.
  • Wild: There are multiple wild symbols in this game:
    • Golden bell: This is the wild symbol in the base game.
    • Taco Brothers logo: The Taco Brothers logo is the second wild in the base game. When you land 2 Taco Brothers symbols across the reels you get a re-spin on any reel that does not have a scatter or Taco Brothers symbol. This symbol also racks up winning combinations with other symbols to give you big wins.
    • The Paso, Pepe, and Pico symbols: These are the unique Running Wild symbols in the bonus game and help you on to massive wins. The wild symbols replace all other symbols except each other and the scatter symbol.
  • The top prize: The top prize in Taco Brothers is 150,000 coins; that is the maximum you can win through the bonus round. Landing 5 Paso symbols consecutively across the reels gives you a 400-coin prize, which is the highest individual prize you can win during the base game.
  • How the bonus round is activated: To activate the bonus round, you must land 3 safe/scatter symbols across reels 1, 3, and 5.
  • Other important symbols, if any: Other important symbols in the game include the Paso, Pepe, and Pico symbols, a guitar, a cactus, a bottle of tequila, and a shovel-and-lamp symbol. During the bonus round you get two new symbols: Captain Diaz and his daughter Senorita.


Taco Brothers is a brilliant new video slot from Elk Studios that has everything that you would love to have in an online video slot - superb graphics, mind-blowing animations, great sound, and loads of player-friendly features, including re-spins, multipliers, and also the unique Running Wilds. The game has 5 reels and gives you 243 ways to score wins, with the symbols appearing across the screen in 3 rows, and is available in both desktop as well as mobile (Android and iOS) versions.

What gets you hooked to the game are the graphics and animations. Things like the shower of gold coins as you rack up wins during the bonus round, and again when the brothers emerge from the tunnel with the loot, the Captain Diaz symbol falling off the roof of the bank (where he proudly stood) on seeing the brothers with the loot at the end of the bonus round all add to the visual appeal of the slot. And the numerous player-friendly features add to the overall allure of the game from a play-experience point of view.

The bet size ranges between a minimum of 0.10 and a maximum of 50.00. You also have the option of using the Auto Play feature if you want the game to continue while you step away from the computer or mobile device for a bit.

As mentioned above, you get to win quite frequently in this game. This is because you have not 1 but 2 wild symbols in operation during the base game. The golden bell symbol replaces all other symbols to give you big wins. The Taco Brothers logo symbol is special because it triggers re-spins when you land 2 of them across the reels. The re-spins are triggered on reels that do not have either the scatter symbol or the Taco Brothers logo symbol. During the re-spins, you can also potentially trigger the bonus round.

Bonus Rounds

There are quite a few things that stand out in the Taco Brothers slot. What really stands out the most is the bonus round, the Wild Escape bonus. The entire game tells you a story, and this is especially true of the bonus round. When the bonus round is triggered, the Taco Brothers get into action to steal back as much of tacos and loot that the evil Captain Diaz had stolen from the villagers as they can. This round is activated when you land 3 safe/scatter symbols across the reels, usually reels 1, 3, and 5.

When the 3 safe symbols land on reels 1, 3, and 5, all other symbols fade and vanish. Each of these symbols also has a multiplier attached to it. Once the 3 symbols appear alone on the screen, a bomb explodes on the screen, and you are awarded the multiplier value of the safe near which it exploded. When the smoke and dust from the explosion clears, you are taken one level below the ground in the bank. In this round, you get two new symbols on the reels: Captain Diaz and his pretty daughter Senorita. Also, the individual Taco brother symbols act as Running Wilds.

There, the Pico symbol appears at the lower right-most position on the reel as a Running Wild and moves steadily across the reel with each spin. The symbol continues to move leftwards across the reels until one of the following happens:

  • It reaches the left-most reel, in which case the next Running Wild symbol appears one position higher on the right-most reel and the process repeats.
  • A Senorita symbol appears across the reels during a spin, in which case she pulls him back to the start point and the spin starts again. This gives you a shot at raking in more winning combinations and therefore, more wins.
  • A Captain Diaz symbol appears on the reels. If that happens, the Pico symbol is put behind bars and it is time for the next symbol to appear.

If the Pico symbol reaches the end of the reels or is imprisoned by the evil captain, the next symbol, which is the Pepe symbol, appears. The whole process repeats. Once the Pepe symbol has run through the bonus round, the Paso symbol appears a position higher on the right-most reel. If one or two of the symbols are imprisoned by the captain and the third symbol is moving across the reels, and the Senorita symbol appears, all the symbols are rescued by her and taken to the start point on the individual rows. The subsequent spin(s) has all the symbols moving across the reels.

The Wild Escape bonus round ends when all the 3 Running Wild symbols have successfully completed moving across their respective reels or been imprisoned by the captain. Once the bonus round is over you are brought over-ground again and a rain of gold coins indicates the amount you have won during the bonus round.

Top and Secondary Prizes

The top prize in this game is 150,000 coins. You can win this huge number of coins during the bonus round. During the base game, the maximum prize you can win is a 400-coin jackpot, which is triggered if you land 5 Paso symbols consecutively across the reels.