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Remember Aliens, that sci-fi horror blockbuster of 1986 that went on to become a cult movie, one of the many spectacular smashers from James Cameron? Now thanks to Net Entertainment’s collaboration with the different Hollywood studios - this one is the result of a collaboration with 20th Century Fox - this game comes to you as a video slot. Net Entertainment launched it during the ICE Totally Gaming Conference in February 2014 in front of a packed house. And the game hit the bull’s eye too, picking up the Innovator of the Year award at the IGA Awards that year.

The name is the same, the story is the same, but the slot comes with loads of exciting features that elevates you from the position of viewer to an active participant in the story. The look and feel of the Aliens video slot is almost the same as in the movie, only here you get some fantastic 3D graphics and a range of exciting features, including wild symbols, re-spins, multipliers, and more.

Play Aliens for Free


Net Entertainment has got the right strategic mix in place to get to the top of the pile faster than you can say 'Hello’, as can be seen by the success that all its slots based on Hollywood blockbusters have enjoyed. Like in all other such video slots from Net Entertainment, Aliens takes you right to the heart of the story, and as a gamer you are part of it all, not an external entity.

The game comes with high quality graphics, eye-catching 3D animations, and great sound effects, and we are only getting started. Then there are the loads of other features and special stuff that make you want to visit this game over and over again. As a player, you will like the game because of the rich interface and amazing features; as a film buff, well you get a shot at being up close and personal with one of the biggest movies of its times.

There are 7 coin denominations that players can choose from while placing their bets. The denominations are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, and 1.00. The minimum bet for this game ranges between 0.01 and 0.15, while the maximum bet ranges between 1.00 and 150. Add to this a return to player value of 96.4% and it is no wonder that this game is loved by the high rollers as much as it is played by the regular slot players.

This game has wild symbols, multipliers, and also re-spins. The objective of the game is simple: check the different parts of the space ship for alien activity of any kind, ward off the numerous alien attacks, and move forward to try and capture the Queen and the Hive eggs and destroy the Hive.

In Aliens, the highest possible winning combination comes to you courtesy of the wild symbols. The beauty about the wild symbols is that during the main round they can appear between the 2nd and 5th reels, while during the Encounter, they appear randomly anywhere on the reels, except for the central part of the first, second, and third reel.

The game is spread across three levels: the Search, which is the primary level, the Encounter, which is the second level, and the Hive, which is the final level. Let us take a brief look at each of these levels before proceeding further.

Bonus Rounds

The Three Levels

Level #1: The Search

The Search, which is the first level, is actually the main game in this amazing video slot called Aliens. As the title suggests, during the course of this level a player is involved in a lot of searching. The player basically needs to search through the entire ship for alien presence and pick up the numerous different multipliers, the more the merrier.

The multiplier symbols in Level 1 come with varied multiplier values, from 2x right through to 14x. The moment the player picks up the 9th multiplier symbol, the round reaches closure and the player jumps a level to go to the next highest level, which is The Encounter. The symbols that a player picks up are displayed on an Alien Activity Meter that can be seen just above the reels. However, in all fairness, when you miss putting together a winning combination one multiplier symbol vanishes from the Alien Activity Meter reading.

Level #2: The Encounter

The Encounter is the second level of the game. The objective of this level is simple and clear: finish off as many aliens as possible to be able to progress to the next round. This level happens in 10 steps. Every time you hit the Spin button at this level at the central location of reels 1, 2, and 3 you get a symbol overlay. Each of these comes with their own multipliers based on the number of symbols present on the Alien Activity Meter.

At the end of each spin, you get the Ammo Clip symbols at random to try wipe out the hordes of aliens appearing. To know how much of ammo you have left, you could check the Ammo Clip Counter. This is a counter that appears at the lower right side of the screen and lets a player know how many ammo clips are still there. The number of ammo clips is critical because you get a re-spin only until the ammo clips are there. You become alien-fodder when the ammo clip counter reads 0. When you complete the level in 10 steps, you progress to the final level: the Hive.

Level #3: The Hive

The Hive is the last level of the Aliens video slot and has one clear objective: kill the Queen alien and destroy her Hive, which has the eggs as well. You get 5 re-spins and a total of 4 Ammo Clips during this level. You also get a grenade to try and inflict maximum damage to the queen and her children. The attacks occur both ways: the aliens are also constantly on the attack in this round. The extent of damage is tracked through the Hive Health Meter, which has 4 steps. At each step you get a coin win. If you are able to kill the Queen and destroy her hive, you get a win that is 240 times the bet value.

So if Aliens are what you are hunting, go ahead and try chasing them in this cool Aliens video slot.

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