Deuces Joker

MICROGAMING Video Poker - Deuces and Joker

Deuces and Joker Poker by Microgaming is a unique form of video poker, in which twos are wild and there is a generous new pay table paying out on 3 of a Kind or higher. The Royal Flush can earn a 2500 coin jackpot for a lucky player. The game’s payouts are calculated according to traditional poker hands.

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Why Play Microgaming Deuces and Joker Video Poker

Microgaming’s Deuces and Joker is a video poker variant with 2 new twists on an old favorite. All deuces plus a joker are wild. This makes it easy to put together winning hands for some great payouts. In fact the game is generally quite easy to play. The excellent, clear layout and game design by Microgaming’s software experts contribute to that.

The Expert Mode in Deuces and Joker gives players access to its game stats and convenient autoplay function, which will make the moves for the player according to established game strategy. Another option available is a speed control so that a player may play as fast or slow as desired. At the end of a round, the “Double” button provides a possibility for winners to double their bankroll. Both experienced players and beginners will agree that this game is top of the line among video poker games.

Microgaming Deuces and Joker Poker Payout Table

Royal Flush 250X
Five of a Kind 9X
Four of a Kind Aces 3X
Four Deuces 25X
Straight Flush 6X
Wild Royal Flush 12X
Full House 3X
Flush 3X
Straight 2X
Three of a Kind 1X

Rules and Strategy

Deuces and Joker uses 53 playing cards – a standard deck plus a joker. Joker and deuces are wild and can stand in for any other card. This obviously makes it much easier for players to achieve their goal of making the highest possible poker hand with the cards they were dealt. Discard and draw of a maximum of 5 cards is allowed. Play follows standard poker rules, with a payout of 2500 coins on a Royal Flush if the player had bet the max, and just 1000 coins if he bet only 4 coins.

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