Bonus Blackjack Gold

The game of Multi Hand - Bonus Blackjack Gold is a new Blackjack variant developed by Microgaming for online casino play. This version features the possibility of wagering on multiple hands, as well as a special bonus side bet. Players can bet on whether their first 2 cards will be of the same suit for potentially excellent payouts.

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Why Play Microgaming Multi Hand - Bonus Blackjack Gold

Microgaming Multi Hand - Bonus Blackjack Gold is the popular casino card game – made even more exciting. The player is able to play and bet on multiple hands, for lively action. In addition, there is an optional side bet on whether the 2 cards received in the initial deal will both be of the same suit, with a standard payout of 3:2, 25:1 for an ace and a jack of the same suit, and 50:1 for an ace and a jack of spades. Two decks of playing cards are used for the game and shuffled before each round. The player's objective is to beat the dealer, which happens when the player's hand is worth more than the dealer's up to 21 points or when the dealer gets over 21 points (“busts”).

Rules of the Game

A player may split pairs as many as 3 times, except for ace pairs, which may be split only once. When a pair of aces is split followed by the deal of a 10, the resulting hand is counted as 21 points, but not as a Blackjack. The player has the option to double on the first 2 cards, no matter what their point value, or after splitting a hand.

Game Play Tips

This variant offers a lot of excitement. The bonus bet is worthwhile and pays out extremely good odds. In the base game, players can access the strategy chart which will help them decide on a course of action in the Microgaming Multi Hand - Bonus Blackjack Gold game. The chart shows recommended moves for any hand that a player might be dealt.

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