Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold

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Microgaming Multi Hand - Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold is a new online version of Blackjack with lots of surprises. A player may wager on up to 5 hands, a player's 21 or Blackjack beats the dealer's, and the game includes Bonus 21 combinations, Surrender and a Late Rescue option.

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Why Play Microgaming Multi Hand - Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold

With all its new tweaks, Microgaming's Multi Hand - Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold combines excitement and great payouts. Here is how it works. The game is played with 8 decks of 48 playing cards, formed by removing every one of the 10s. All decks are shuffled before each hand is dealt. The dealer hits on soft 17. The player has 3 ways to win: 1) his hand is higher than the dealer's without going over 21 points; 2) the dealer busts (gets over 21 points); or 3) he and the dealer both have 21. The 10 different bonuses add up to even more great payouts for players.

Rules of the Game

Players are allowed to split pairs (even aces) as well as unlike 10 point cards up to 3 times, for a maximum total of 4 hands. The players are permitted to double on any hand of any value, not just their first 2 cards, or upon splitting a hand, and are even allowed to re-double down. The bonus bet pays out anywhere from 3:2 to 50:1, depending on the combination.

Game Play Tips

This is a most unusual Blackjack variant game. Look over the rules and possible combinations carefully for some potentially large payouts. There is a Multi Hand - Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold strategy chart for the game, which players can access at any time. Splitting pairs and 10 point cards will give many more betting options. Doubling and re-doubling on a very strong hand can lead to substantial wins, while Surrender is an option for a player with a weak hand.

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