Atlantic City Blackjack

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Especially for action lovers, Microgaming MHBJ - Atlantic City Blackjack is an online casino table game that gives players the opportunity to play 5 hands at a time, and then split them for more fun and profit. The Insurance and Late Surrender options protect players who find themselves with a less than ideal hand.

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Why Play Microgaming MHBJ - Atlantic City Blackjack

Microgaming developed MHBJ - Atlantic City Blackjack as part of its line of exciting Blackjack variants. The game is action packed and offers a wide variety of ways for players to win. Here is a game description. This version uses a full 8 decks of 52 cards each, which of course are shuffled prior to dealing every round. The dealer has to stand on 17, whether or not it is soft. As in all typical games of Blackjack, the object is for the player to bet the dealer. He can do this when he has a hand value totaling more than the dealers while still 21 or less, or when the dealer’s hand ends up over 21 (goes bust). This results in a win with a payout for the player, possibly multiplied if he is playing a number of hands at once.

Rules of the Game

This variation is an American hole card game. Pairs can be split up to 3 times, but each new hand requires an additional bet. This means that theoretically a player could end up with 20 separate hands. Doubling down is allowed on the player’s first 2 cards, no matter what their point total adds up to. It is also permitted following a split.

Game Play Tips

If a player is up to juggling multiple hands, good payouts are possible with this game. To develop skill at MHBJ - Atlantic City Blackjack, there is a special strategy chart which indicates the best next move to make based on all kinds of card combination. When a player’s hand is extremely weak, the best option might be to surrender – that is, withdraw from the round and lose half of his bet rather than staying in and risking everything.

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