Neteller Net+ Card For Australians


Every gambling fan knows the importance of transaction methods; they help players deposit and withdraw funds into and out of their casino accounts respectively. Every casino supports a range of payment options, and one method that you find at literally every casino online is NETeller. NETeller is one of the leaders in the online payment solutions industry and offers players a variety of cards to choose from. One of the most popular NETeller products at online casinos today is the NETeller+ card.

NETeller offers 3 different NET+ cards:

  • Net+ Plastic Card
  • Net+ Virtual Card
  • Net+ Virtual Gift Card

Here we discuss the Net+ Plastic and Net+ Virtual cards.


The NETeller+ Plastic and Virtual cards are prepaid cards with a number of cool features that make them a great option to use at online casinos. You can use this card at any outlet online as long as the outlet accepts MasterCard. It is among the best priced cards in the market currently.

The Net+ Plastic and Virtual cards are great options for Australian players because Australian online casinos anyways support NETeller. More importantly, these cards support payments directly in Australian Dollars (AUD). The other currencies these cards accept payments directly in include:

Applying for your Net+ Plastic or Virtual Card

So how do you apply for a Net+ Plastic or Virtual card? The process is simple and easy. You can apply for these cards directly at the NETeller website. You must, however, have a NETeller account to apply for these cards. You can apply for a NETeller account by clicking the Join for free button on the NETeller website home page if you don't have one already.

To apply for the Net+ Plastic or Virtual card you need to:

  • Click the Join for Free button on the Net+ Virtual or Net+ Plastic card page on the NETeller website.
    • Give your e-mail id.
    • Create a password you will use to log in to your account.
    • Choose the currency you want to use to deposit and withdraw funds. As an Australian player you will be able to choose the Australian Dollar.
    • Provide your personal information.
  • Based on your location, you may have to provide some documents for identity verification.
  • Once the application process is complete, you get the Net+ Virtual card immediately. The Net+ Plastic card takes a little longer to reach you, between 5 and 21 days.

Net+ Plastic and Virtual Card Features

There are many features built into the Net+ Plastic card and Net+ Virtual card that makes it a great option for online casino players from across the world, including Australia.

  • Security: Security is one of the major worries of everyone transacting online, be it for shopping or playing at online casinos. The Net+ Virtual and Plastic prepaid cards use sophisticated and state of the art technology, including 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, to ensure complete security for all your transactions at an online casino. Other security features these cards use include Chip and PIN technology, which are today the standard security protocol for debit and credit cards worldwide. The security technology used also monitors all transactions.
  • Low cost: The Net+ card costs very less; they are among the best priced in the market as we mentioned earlier.
  • Privacy: The Net+ card enables you to maintain your privacy. You can use this card anywhere you want to, as long as the website accepts MasterCard cards. And the best thing is with this card you can do this without giving direct access to your bank account or divulging your personal data.
  • Safety: All the money in your Net+ card is safe and there for you to use whenever you want. NETeller takes the job of protecting your money very seriously, a direct indicator of which is the huge reputation that it has worldwide. It is a company that has been authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK and can be completely trusted to keep your money safe.
  • Rewards: You can use this card to earn loyalty reward points: NETeller Loyalty Reward Points. You win these reward points every time you use a Net+ card. You can then use these points by redeeming them for stuff to buy online or plain cash.
  • Spend Management: The Net+ card allows you to set your own limit for lifetime spending, all completely optional. If you use this card wisely and manage to not overshoot the lifetime spend limit you set, this card is a great choice. However, you need to be careful, because once you cross, or even reach, the lifetime limit you can no longer use the card.
  • Versatility: The Net+ card is truly versatile, as it accepts payments in 8 major currencies. It is also accepted by online businesses numbering in the millions.

Net+ Card Design

The Net+ card is, as the name suggests, a virtual prepaid card that you can use at any online website that accepts MasterCard. The card has an elegant and suave look about it that matches the reputation of the brand it represents.

Net+ Card Fees and Limits

Every online payment solution comes with its own set of fees and also limits. The Net+ Virtual card does not have too many of these because it is a virtual card.

  • You can get a maximum of 5 Net+ Virtual cards.
  • The first card comes with no fee, and is absolutely free.
  • For every additional card you take, there is a fee of 3.00 AUD.
  • There are no transaction fees attached to this card.

There are also limits attached to the Net+ Virtual card you own.

  • You can make a maximum of 4 lifetime purchases.
  • You are allowed a maximum of 900.00 AUD in purchases in a 24-hour period.
  • The maximum lifetime saving option that you can opt for is 1000.00 AUD.

The card fees and limits of the Net+ Virtual card are quite minimal compared to those of the Net+ Plastic card. While it is free to use at websites, shops, and also restaurants, this card comes with more in terms of fees:

  • Foreign exchange fee: 2.95%
  • Shipping and handling fee: 14 AUD
  • Cash withdrawal fee: 6 AUD
  • Card replacement fee: 14 AUD

The limits include:

  • Maximum number of withdrawals in 24 hours: 2
  • Maximum withdrawals in 24 hours: 1200 AUD
  • Number of withdrawals: 6 every 4 days
  • Maximum withdrawals in 4 days: 3600 AUD
  • Maximum purchases in 24 hours: 10
  • Maximum spend for purchases in 24 hours: 3500 AUD
  • Maximum purchases in 4 days: 30
  • Maximum spend for purchases in 4 days: 10,000 AUD

Account Management

Managing your Net+ card account is easy because it is linked directly to your NETeller account. This allows you to do the following smoothly and efficiently:

  • Check the balance on your Net+ Virtual card and Net+ Plastic card
  • Track payments and withdrawals made using either of these cards. You can do this easily from your NETeller account.
  • Reload your Net+ Virtual card and Net+ Plastic card.

Overseas Usage

The Net+ card can be used by anyone anywhere, mainly because of the number of major currencies it supports, 8 in all. The fact that it is hooked up with MasterCard means any website that accepts MasterCard will accept this card. That means access to millions of websites and for the Plastic card user, access to shops as well. It also means easy access to all online casinos for payments and withdrawals.

As an Australian online casino fan, you can use the Net+ card at any casino that you want as long as it fulfills the criterion mentioned earlier. If you use it to make deposits in a currency other than the one you have chosen, there will be a foreign exchange fee of 2.95% applicable to every transaction made in that currency.

Options for Loading/Reloading Your Net+ Card

There are numerous load/reload options for your Net+ card. The options available and the fees they come with include, among others:

  • Abaqoos: 1.5%
  • AstroPay: 5% to 7%
  • Bitcoin: 5%
  • Boleto Bancario: 5%
  • Pay by Mobile: 9% to 20%
  • CartaSi: 1.75% to 4.95%
  • DineroMail: 0% to 5%
  • EPS: 7.5%
  • EuTeller: Free
  • Fast Bank Transfer/International Bank Transfer: Free
  • GiroPay: Free, or a maximum of 1.5%
  • iDeal: Free
  • Credit or debit cards (Maestro, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, VISA, VISA Debit, or VISA Electron): 1.9% to 4.95%
  • POLi: Free
  • PaySafeCard: 5.5 to 9.9%
  • Trustly: Free
  • Sofort: Free to a maximum of 1.5%

Customer Service

Good customer support is something that you see in all successful organizations, and this is true about NETeller as well. For any queries, issues, or clarifications regarding your Net+ card, you can contact a member of the customer support team at NETeller through:

  • Telephone
  • E-mail: If you have any complaints you can send an e-mail directly to [email protected].

Lodging a Complaint about Your Net+ Card

The procedure to file complaints with NETeller regarding your Net+ card is simple. You can directly contact a member of NETeller's customer support team through telephone or e-mail.

The general customer support numbers to call are +1-403-212-3025 or 44 20 3139 9044. For Australian players, the number to call for queries related to their Net+ card is +612 8073 3365.

If your concern has not been taken care of, you can file an official complaint with NETeller at [email protected]. You also have the option of mailing a complaint to:

NETELLER Complaints Team
Compass House
Vision Park, Chivers Way
Histon, Cambridge
CB24 9AD, United Kingdom

If you are not happy with the outcome of the actions taken by the team at NETeller, you can call the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) of the UK at +011 44 0800 023 4 567/+011 44 0300 123 9 123, e-mail them at [email protected], or write to them at the following address:

Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall
E14 9SR, United Kingdom


The different Net+ card products have won numerous awards in recent years. This year itself, it has won numerous awards awards at the PrePaid 365 Awards, including:

  • Best Prepaid Card Overall
  • Best General Spend Prepaid Card
  • Best Gaming Prepaid Card
  • Best Prepaid Card Innovation
  • Best Pay As You Go Prepaid Card
  • Best GBP Travel Prepaid Card - Runner Up
  • Best Privacy Prepaid Card - Runner up
  • Best Online Shopping Prepaid Card - Runner Up

Overall Rating for the Net+ Card

The Net+ Plastic and Net+ Virtual cards are great for any Australian player looking to use it at an online casino. They are among the best options for people from more than 100 countries, actually.


There are quite a few things that work for the Net+ card.

  • Support for 8 currencies
  • Multiple loading options
  • Low or no fees and reasonable card limits
  • Great look and feel


  • Access only on signing up with NETeller; no direct access to the Net+ Plastic or Virtual card
  • Handling fees, withdrawal fees, foreign exchange fee, and replacement fee for the Net+ Plastic card
  • Maximum of 1000 AUD lifetime purchase option for the Net+ Virtual card


  • Product: Net+ Card (Net+ Plastic Card and Net+ Virtual Card)
  • Accepts payments in 8 major currencies; great option for Australian online casino players:
    • Great Britain Pound (GBP)
    • European Union Euro (EUR)
    • US Dollar (USD)
    • Australian Dollar (AUD)
    • Canadian Dollar (CAD)
    • Japanese Yen (JPY)
    • Denmark Krone (DKK)
    • Swedish Krona (SEK)