Advantages and Disadvantages of online casinos

Online and land based casinos offer gamers with two drastically different experiences. While neither is better than the other, we have composed an extensive list so you can determine which venue better suits your taste and needs.

Game Speed

Online casinos offer a variety of games that take place in real time and fast pace. For example for many casino games, such as blackjack, you will be able to play more games per an hour than you would in a land based casino. Yet at the same time, if you are not a player who is seeking to get as many hands as possible into a game, then land based casinos might be better for you, as they offer perks such as increased social interactions. If your goal is to meet more people, then land based casinos are more likely to be better for you. Alternatively, if you wish to make as much money and play as many hands as possible, online casinos are more preferable for you.


With the ability to play on online casinos, you literally have access to all your favorite games, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. Additionally you have the comfort of being in your own home. In regard to a land based casino there are always restraints on how much you can play, as there are opening and closing times at the casino. Additionally, many people have to travel rather extensively to get to a land based casino, unlike online casinos, which are accessible anywhere in the world.


Online casinos offer a wider range of bonuses than land based ones. These bonuses include reload and deposit bonuses, which can reach up to thousands of dollars. Land based casinos do not offer such bonuses.


Land based casinos allow you to instantly trade in your chips and receive money in return. However, gamers at land based casinos should be ware that the withdrawal station is usually at its own side of the casino, forcing customers to walk through other games in order to entice them to play, rather than cash out. When playing at an online casino you can withdraw your money at any point in time, however a deposit usually takes two to four days before it ends up in your bank account or returned to your credit card.

Which is better for me?

Depending on your personality, either type of casino might be better for you. If gambling is a social activity for you, something you do purely for fun and not as a reliable source of money, land based casinos are probably best for you. If you are very serious about your gaming and see it as a hobby and a means to make some extra income, online gambling is right for you. With online gambling you can play more hands in shorter periods of time, and have the added advantages of bonuses. No matter what your preference is we hope your gaming experience is enjoyable.