Craps bet types explained

While the Shooter in craps must choose between either a Pass Line or a Don’t Pass bet, the other players have many more betting options. In fact, before either taking your place at a casino craps table or playing craps for real money online, it is highly recommended to study the various types of bets in a craps game and to memorize at least the most basic ones. That way, when you’re in the middle of the noise and excitement of a game (and craps is one of the noisiest, most exciting casino games around!), you will be able to remember and use them. Here are some craps bet types explained. Although they sound a bit confusing, their names will help provide a reminder as to what they involve.

Fire Bet: This is a type of bet placed before a Shooter’s initial roll, on the odds that that Shooter will roll a variety of points of different values, to be indicated on the craps table with a fire symbol. The first 3 points are not paid out, but the following ones pay very well. Bet size ranges from $1 to $5. The Fire bet is not permitted at all casinos.

Pass Line Bet: The most common bet in craps, the Pass Line bet wins if the Come Out roll results in a Natural, and loses if it results in Craps. When the shooter sets a Point on the Come Out roll and then succeeds in rolling that Point again, the bet wins, but if the Shooter rolls a 7 before rolling the Point again, the bet loses.

Don’t Pass Line Bet: This is the opposite of the Pass Line bet. If the outcome of the initial Come Out roll is a natural, this bet loses, but wins if the outcome is craps. When the Shooter rerolls the previously set Point, the bet loses, but wins if he rolls 7 before rolling the Point again.

Come Bet: The Come Bet resembles the Pass Line bet in all aspects except for the important difference that it applies to rolls made subsequent to the Come Out roll. Everything else is exactly the same – a Natural wins and Craps loses, rolling the set Point again wins and rolling a 7 before achieving the Point again loses.

Don’t Come Bet: Like the relationship between the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line Bet, the Don’t Come bet is the mirror opposite of the Come bet. A roll that results in a Natural loses, while Craps wins, and rolling 7 before rerolling a set Point wins, but rolling the Point again before rolling 7 loses.