Online Casino game payouts explained

Every casino in the world, no matter if it is a virtual or a real space casino has something called a payout percentage. A payout percentage is the percentage or share of the money that was wagered that eventually ends up in the pocket of the winner. The payout percentage of the casino you play in is therefore incredibly significant to understand what your odds for claiming big money will be. Many who are new to the world of online gambling are often wary when they see a webpage that describes online casino payouts. However you should rest assured, online casino payouts are safe and reliable, and normal for any gambling venue. The very standard method of casino payouts is via a wire money transfer from a major credit card company, yet there are still other venues for you to receive your money. Other options include Click2play, Neteller, Moneybookers, and Fireplay. All of these means are password protected, and ensure that your account information will be safeguarded.

What is the payout percentage and how does it affect your chances

As stated above the payout percentage is the percentage of that goes to the winner, out of all the money wagered. Most major online casinos provide customers with a description of the payout percentage per a game. Even if the payout percentage is not provided, it is very easy to calculate on your own. Your first step is to find out how much money the casino has required customers to bet. Then you simply need to find out how much the casino has paid out to players. Turn the casino paid out amount into a decimal number, and just divide the amount of bets by that number.

The payout percentage greatly affects the money you win, as it shows you how much the casino retains for itself. A casino that advertizes a 97% payout percentage is advertizing that, on an average $100 bet, you will keep $97. This means that the casino retains 3% of the winnings on average for itself. It therefore is very important to play at a casino that boasts high percentage rates, because even if you win big at a casino with a low payout percentage, you will not end up with very much money in your pocket.

Typical payout percentages

Most casinos that boast a good payout percentage are generally giving a percentage of around 97%. This ensures that most of the time, you will be winning fairly large sums of money. Some casinos even go as high as to offer payout percentages of 99.9%. The higher the payout percentage offered, the more you, the player, gets to keep, as the payout percentage can be understood as the share of the bets that goes to the winner.