Low - Middle - High roulette strategy

The low to high strategy follows the same principle as the Martingale System with roughly the same chances of success. In roulette, the low/middle/high roulette strategy for betting focuses on placing wagers in each type of column. There is a 2 to 1 return for every winning stake and the odds are slightly less that 1 out of 3 for winning a single bet. Another name for this system is the 12s roulette system because the bets are placed on one of the low, middle, or high series of twelve.

How Does the Strategy Work?

In theory, the practice isn’t complex. The spins are divided into blocks of five. If, in the course of that series, the ball hasn’t landed in one of the sections of twelve it’s time to place a bet in that section because, theoretically, the odds are in your favor. It sounds good except that the game of roulette has and always will be a game of chance. The ball can land in any slot at any time despite the law of averages!

The strategy is similar to the Martingale in that after five spins if the winning number isn’t in the low twelve section, a dollar bet is placed on a number in that segment. The amount gambled continues to build in an attempt to recoup the losses. The problem is that while the gamble becomes increasingly large, the win is relatively small.

More about the System

Any section of twelve can be part of the numbers in a line that hasn’t dropped, so the player doesn’t place a bet until the ball hasn’t landed in that section for five spins. In other words, the player refrains from placing a bet until the fifth time a ball hasn’t dropped into the high-middle-or low section. The low section involves the numbers 1-12. The middle section includes 13-24, and the high section of numbers 25-36. The strategy provides winnings between $1-3 for a potential total of $70 in an hour. Players aren’t likely to win a great deal of money, but earnings can be consistent. The most notable aspect is keeping track of where the numbers fall and which dozens are bypassed. The low/middle/high roulette strategy is slow-paced and requires patience and careful monitoring. Once again, roulette is strictly a game of luck and any strategy is subject to chance.

Additionally, while the system isn’t likely to bring in a large win, it is enjoyable as long as the gambler isn’t betting more than he or she can afford to lose. It’s also advisable to stick with a flat bet as opposed to progressive betting; in the long run less money will be at risk and possible loss. Another suggestion is that the player tries out the system for free online.