Accidental Lottery Purchase Leads to Double Oz Win

Twice the Luck for Aussie Lottery Player

Each win bagged the lottery player $674,000.

A woman from Cairns, Queensland beat odds of 1:8 million to bag herself a division one prize in Saturday's Gold Lotto draw.

But the gods must have been smiling down on the anonymous winner, because she accidentally bought two tickets into the same draw, meaning that the first prize of $674,000 was doubled for her. All in all, the elated winner took home $1.3 million in prize money.

The winner said that it was "a mistake that led to a big reward."

"I only meant to buy one entry in the draw but when I was purchasing my ticket on my account, I accidentally selected both my registered Saturday Gold Lotto games," said the new instant millionaire.

Recalling Oz Lottery Win

The lucky player said that she saw the lucky numbers on the day after the draw and she thought that they looked familiar. After logging into her account, the player checked her entries and realized that she had won.

"I freaked out," she recalled. "I even called my sister and asked her to double check that I really had won."

The player said that it wasn't until she got off the call with her sister that she realized she had another winning entry in the weekend draw.

"I freaked out all over again," she said.

The winning numbers were not picked at random - the player said that they were chosen because they have a special meaning to her.

Plans for Saturday Lotto Jackpot

The lucky winner said that she has already considered what to do with the $1.3 million division one lottery prize.

Some of the money will be used to purchase a house, while the rest will be shared with her family.

Tatts Lotteries revealed that there were six entries from the Saturday Gold Lotto draw that won a first division prize of $674,052.02. Three of the winners came from Queensland, while the rest of the winners came from Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales.