Roulette Diamond Edition

Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition Table Game

Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition Table Game is a new presentation of European Roulette from Microgaming. It is played according to traditional European rules used in many online casino Roulette games, but there is a very special addition – people! This game allows the player to play, compete and interact with other online gamers.

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Why Play Microgaming Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition Table Game

To the classic online casino table game of European Roulette, Microgaming adds an element of friendliness and competition. The very first release in the software giant’s deluxe new Diamond Edition series, the game is designed to accommodate several players, all playing and wagering in real time. There is an optional chat feature to allow players to interact and carry on virtual conversations. Players will also see when another player wins, adding to the atmosphere of anticipation.

Of course having multiple players means that the speed of play needs to be fairly quick. However, there is a choice of three different play speeds – tables offer a 20, 40 or 60 second waiting time to accommodate various player styles. But anyone who delays longer than this time before placing a bet will lose his initiative.

One of Microgaming’s goals with its online casino games is to give the feeling to the player that he is experiencing the atmosphere of a first class land based casino. The addition of multiple fellow players certainly goes a long way to accomplish that goal. What is more, the clear and sharply defined graphics of the game, featuring a 3D Roulette wheel, add a great deal to the authenticity. The set up also makes the game clear and easily comprehensible to players at all levels of expertise.

Rules and Strategy

Because of the limits on waiting time on this Roulette version, players should be very familiar with the rules and procedure before attempting to play this game with others. Free online versions of single player Roulette games offer a good opportunity for practice. As you play Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition, watch the other players to see who wins and what strategies work for them.

Microgaming Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition Table Game Payout Table

Straight Up 35/1
Split 17/1
Street 11/1
Square Bet 8/1
Line Bet 5/1
Column / Dozen 2/1
Even 1/1

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