Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker by Microgaming is a fun version of video poker with added payouts for Four of a Kind. Standard poker hands which contain Jacks or better are the basis for all the payouts in the game. A player who makes a Royal Flush will win a jackpot of 4000 coins.

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Why Play Microgaming Bonus Poker Video Poker

Video poker gets an exciting added tweak with Microgaming’s Bonus Poker game. In this version, Four of a Kind combinations will earn players extra large payouts. This game and its strategies are quite easy to learn and pay out nicely. Look for a clearly laid out, smoothly running game, with excellent graphics and player interface. As well as the standard payouts, players can opt for the “Double” feature to increase their winnings by 2.

There is a special Bonus Poker Expert Mode for more experienced – or more daring – players. This allows players to set the game on autoplay and also to refer to ongoing game statistics, to check back on the hands they have already played and predict their odds of getting high paying hands in the future from various card combinations. For every player interested in trying an excellent online video poker game, Bonus Poker is an obvious choice. The game’s attractive appearance, playability and great payouts make it suitable for both beginning and more seasoned players.

Microgaming Bonus Poker Payout Table

Royal Flush 250X
Four of a Kind Aces 80X
Four of a Kind 2s, 3s, 4s 40X
Straight Flush 50X
Four of a Kind 25X
Full House 8X
Flush 5X
Straight 4X
Three of a Kind 3X
Jacks or Better 1X
Two Pairs 2X

Rules and Strategy

Bonus Poker uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards, with no wilds. Players attempt to make the highest ranking poker hand using all cards they are dealt and also discarding and drawing up to 5 cards. The game follows the standard video poker rules. Jacks or better are necessary get a payout. Five, the maximum coins, must be wagered in order to win the 4000 coin jackpot. A player who makes a Royal Flush on a bet of 4 coins will receive a payout of only 1000 coins.

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