Caribbean Draw

Microgaming has upgraded several of its table games and placed them in the “Gold” series. Caribbean Draw is one of these games, featuring excellent graphics and audio effects and a progressive jackpot that makes it immensely popular. To win this progressive jackpot and a series of other extra cash prizes, players need to place an optional side bet.

Caribbean Draw is a great game for poker enthusiasts who are looking for a simpler card game to relax with. Its enhanced graphics delivers the authentic Vegas-style brick-and-mortar experience.

How to Play Caribbean Draw

Based on the rules of Five Card Draw, Caribbean Draw is played against the house with a single deck of 52 playing cards. The game challenges players to create a strong five-card poker hand.

The Player’s Actions

The game begins with the placing of a bet. Players will then be dealt five face-up cards while the dealer also gets four face-up cards and one hole card. Players can now discard two of their cards to create a strong five-card poker hand.

Players need to place three different types of bets in case of Caribbean Draw - the ante bet, which starts the game; the optional side bet, which enables players to win the progressive jackpot; and the game bet, which is placed to continue playing the initial hand dealt. If players fold, they will lose their ante bets.

The Dealer’s Actions

In order to continue playing, the dealer needs to first qualify by getting an eight pair or better. If the dealer qualifies and players beat the dealer with a pair of deuces or better, they can win up to 2000 coins.

Winning Hands

Players who create hands weaker than the dealer’s will lose their bets. If players’ hands are stronger, their payouts depend on the nature of the hand created and the payout structure. If the dealer fails to qualify, the play bet is pushed and players will get even money on their ante bets.

If players place the optional side bet at the start of the game, they get the opportunity to win a number of cash prizes or the progressive jackpot. If players get a pair of deuces in the hand initially dealt to them, they will get 4:1 and if they get a Straight, they will get 2500:1.

Royal Flush 100:1
Straight Flush 50:1
Four of a Kind 20:1
Full House 7:1
Flush 5:1
Straight 3:1
Three of a Kind 2:1
Two Pairs 1:1

Game Tips

Winning at Caribbean Draw Poker is easy, especially if the dealer does not qualify. In fact, the game is easier than video poker.

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