Aces and Faces

MICROGAMING Video Poker - Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces Poker by Microgaming, a great video poker variation, gives the player extra high payouts on Four of a Kind, especially when it’s made up of Aces or royalty. Standard poker hands determine all payouts in this game, and a Royal Flush will earn the winning player the top prize, a 4000 coin jackpot.

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Why Play Microgaming Aces and Faces Video Poker

Microgaming’s presents a great new form of the casino game of video poker, Aces and Faces. Players can win super sized payouts for Four of a Kind, especially 4 Aces or face cards. What is more, the game is not at all complicated to play. Microgaming has designed the game to be user friendly, with sharp, clear graphics for an attractive look. The optional “Double” feature can multiply any winnings.

Selecting Aces and Faces’s Expert Mode allows veteran players to use the game’s autoplay function and also to access ongoing game statistics. When players analyze hands they have played in the past, it helps to predict their odds of getting high paying hands in the future from the various card combinations. Among all the many video poker games online today, Aces and Faces is the best quality choice. Beginning players will appreciate the fact that it is easy to use, and together with experienced players, will enjoy its generous payouts.

Microgaming Aces and Faces Poker Payout Table

Royal Flush (in main hand) 500X
Four Aces 80X
Straight Flush 50X
Four J,Q,K 40X
Four 2s through 10s 25X
Full House 8X
Flush 5X
Straight 4X
Three of a Kind 3X
Jacks or Better 1X
Two Pairs 2X

Rules and Strategy

Aces and Faces makes use of a standard deck of 52 playing cards, with no wild cards. Players must use all the cards in their hand to create the highest ranking poker hand possible, discarding and drawing up to 5 cards if desired. The game is played by standard video poker rules. Jacks or Better is necessary to win a payout and five coins (the maximum) need to be played to win the top 4000 coin jackpot for a Royal Flush. A Royal Flush on a wager of just 4 coins will earn only 1000 coins.

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