Double Double Bonus Poker

Double Double Bonus Poker by Microgaming is a new and improved version of video poker, which pays the player handsomely for Four of a Kind, with varying payouts for different combinations. Every payout in this game is determined by standard poker hands and the top payout, for a Royal Flush, will win the player a 4000 coin jackpot.

Play Microgaming Double Double Bonus Poker for Free

Why Play Microgaming Double Double Bonus Video Poker

Microgaming’s Double Double Bonus Poker increases the excitement of video poker by adding a whole selection of great payouts for Four of a Kind, from 45:1 all the way up to a fantastic 350:1. Together with a very nice pay table, the game features easy to learn rules and a user friendly interface. Microgaming’s famous high quality software keep this game running smoothly and the graphics make it clear and pleasant to look at. What’s more, the optional “Double” feature just may multiply players’ winnings 2X.

In addition, Double Double Bonus Poker’s Expert Mode is another option. It is mainly for experienced players who can use its autoplay function and access ongoing game statistics. When they go over past hands, it helps to predict the odds that they will make future high paying hands from the card combinations they receive. For a top notch online video poker game, Double Double Bonus Poker is great. Its simple rules and enhanced payouts make it enjoyable for new players and for veterans.

Microgaming Double Double Bonus Poker Poker Payout Table

Royal Flush 250X
Four Aces with a 2, 3 or 4 350X
Four Aces 160X
Four of a Kind Aces 160X
Four of a Kind 2s, 3s, 4s 80X
Four of a Kind 5 through K 45X
Straight Flush 50X
Full House 9X
Flush 6X
Straight 4X
Three of a Kind 3X
Jacks or Better 1X
Two Pairs 1X

Rules and Strategy

Double Double Bonus Poker uses a standard 52 card deck, with no wilds. Players try to create the highest ranking poker hand using the cards they have received, choosing to discard and draw up to 5 cards if desired. The game follows standard video poker rules are followed, with Jacks or better to win a payout. Bet the max to win the 4000 coin jackpot. A Royal Flush made by a player who has wagered just 4 coins will pay out only 1000 coins.

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