Konami is a well-known entity in the global gambling industry that is famous for its range of cool games for land-based as well as (now) online casinos, gaming platforms, and cabinets for land-based casino and arcade games. Konami pushes its products to all parts of the world - North America, Latin America, Europe, different parts of Asia, Australia, and also Africa.


Konami is a name that is easily recognizable in the gambling industry as a provider of high quality casino games, platforms, and systems for over 4 decades now. Konami is actually two companies - Konami Gaming Inc. and Konami Australia Pty Ltd. - which together comprise the parent entity that is Konami Corporation. Konami Corporation itself was founded in 1973 by Mr. Kagemasa Kozuki in Osaka, Japan.

Konami Gaming, Inc. is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and is responsible for designing, developing, and selling high quality gaming products. The products available include casino games, platforms, and exciting products like China Shores, African Diamond, and Podium. Another product from Konami Gaming Inc. that is now one of the most rapidly growing systems in the entire industry is SYNKROS.

Konami Australia Pty Ltd. is the other entity within Konami Corporation. This entity was established in 1996 in Australia and looks after the Asia-Pacific marketplace. Its initial job description was to develop gaming machines for Australia; however, today its scope of operations has today increased to cover New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, and South Africa.

Some of its games have been so popular that they have ended up in Hollywood as movies, the first of them being Silent Hills. Besides providing products for the gambling industry, Konami also develops arcade games and trading cards, not to mention cabinets for these games. Other areas of work include health clubs resorts.

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Konami Casinos

The high value of Konami's products is apparent from the fact that they are used by a large number of land-based casinos. In fact, for a long time, most of the games and products developed by Konami have been used in land-based casinos only. From January 2014, GameAccount Network Plc has entered a licensing agreement with Konami Gaming to use its games on online sites of its clients. GameAccount Network is known as a developer and supplier of gaming software and also online casino games. Under this agreement, the first game that was released was China Shores. The tie-up is significant because it allows Konami's content to be accessible to people through online as well as mobile client applications. Currently online casinos using Konami's software include casinos like Money Gaming.

Some of the top Konami Gaming casinos are listed below:

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Software and Products

Konami uses software that is robust. Its association with GameAccount Network ensures its games can be developed for online casinos and also the mobile platform. The software is robust and provides a number of player-friendly features. The interface is rich for all the games, and come with engaging and high quality graphics. The games also come with exciting features like free spins, bonus games, and progressive jackpots.

Konami's product offerings include not just games, but also platforms and cabinets. The games it develops include:

  • Video slots: There are 427 games in all, across different platforms. Games available include African Diamond, Band of Gypsies, and Winner's Shot. One of the games that it officially released in 2014 is the new Dungeons and Dragons, a game that has become extremely popular because of its impressive graphics and animations and cool features.
  • Progressive games: There are 21 progressive games, including Community Play Linked Progressives, Linked Progressives, and Stand Alone Progressives. Some of these progressive games are Cashway, Fiery Sun Blast, Dragon's Victory, Pirate's Jackpot, Top Track, and Engine Ablaze.
  • Stepper reels: There are 119 games on offer, including Atlantic Adventure, Big Riches, Gates of Fortune, Pirate's Reward, and Stunning Diamonds.

Konami has also developed two major platforms. They are:

  • K2V platform: Provides players with a next-generation gaming experience with a super VGA graphic display, fantastic sound, an ergonomically designed play area, and CCFL lighting that ensure optimal electricity spend. Games on this platform include Mermaid Sunset, Quick Strike, and Wild Lion.
  • KP3 platform: Provides an ultra-real gaming experience with 3D interfaces, exciting graphics, and interactive skill-based games. Games on this platform include Diamond Quest, Viking Legend, and Jackpot Island.

Konami also develops a range of cabinets for video slot and also arcade games. One of the most popular of these is the SeleXion cabinet, a multi-game cabinet that allows players to pick from a range of up to 10 KP3 games. Other options available include:

  • Advantage Series: Advantage 3, Advantage 5, and Advantage Revolution
  • Dynamic 5
  • Podium Series: Podium, Podium Goliath, Podium Monument, and Podium Slant
  • Rapid Revolver

Apart from these, Konami has also developed a system that is one of the most used in the industry today, the SYNKROS system. This system comes with an award winning module, the True-Time Tournaments module.

Konami Overview

Over the years, Konami gaming has been providing land-based casinos with a massive range of high quality video slots, progressive jackpots, and also cabinets and platforms. With its foray into the digital space, it is now reaching out to online casino operators across the world through tie-ups with important entities in the online gambling space.

All products from Konami Gaming come with the guarantee of quality and a fantastic gaming experience for the player; that is why Konami casinos are popular among players. There are now quite a few online casinos that use Konami Gaming's software and games. And if you are an arcade games fan, you would have definitely played at least one title from Konami Gaming at some point in time.

At Konami casinos players are pampered with welcome bonuses, free spins and other bonuses, not to mention huge progressive games. You will find a range of exciting games as well, including, apart from Dungeons and Dragons:

  • Rock Round the Clock
  • Money in the Bank

Featured Konami Slot

When a company offers more than 400 video slots and also progressive games, it can be slightly difficult to zero in on one game that is the most popular. One of the most popular games from this provider over the years, however, has been Dungeons and Dragons.

There are two versions of Dungeons and Dragons available from Konami:

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Enchanted Riches
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Conquests and Treasures

Dungeons and Dragons is a 5-reel video slot with 20-25 paylines. Players get up to 25 free spins and there is also a progressive jackpot feature that gives players a shot at winning one of four jackpots. Other cool features include the Dungeons and Dragons Master Feature that gives players free games and a chance to set off the Free Game campaign.

Other popular games from Konami include:

  • Action Stacked Diamonds
  • Diving for Riches
  • Glittering Jackpots
  • Passport to Riches: The Great Pyramids

Konami Mobile Games

For more than 4 decades, Konami has been known for its massively popular console based games and, in recent times, for the online version of many of these games. In keeping pace with the times, Konami is now making the transition to the mobile platform. So much so that in an interview, Representative Director of Konami Digital Entertainment Hideki Hayakawa recently said they were looking to focus on the mobile space as the main platform of operations for the company.

What this means is that in the time to come, a number of popular games from Konami will find representation on the mobile platform, including possibly games like Metal Gear Solid V and Winning Eleven.

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