PayPal has always been rather reluctant to process funds related to online gambling, but now it has changed its policies. Owing to this, players can use this option to load their online casino gaming accounts at their desktop casinos as well as on the move.

How PayPal Works

PayPal is one of the quickest, most convenient, and safest ways of purchasing services and products online. To make an online purchase using PayPal, consumers need to register for a PayPal account with a valid email address and a password. Consumers have to then search for a PayPal button on the merchant website and click on it to initiate payment. When they do this, they will be taken to their PayPal accounts, from where they can complete making the payment.

Since it is an international service, it can be used across several countries. Currently, the payment processor supports 22 currencies and has a presence in over 200 countries worldwide. PayPal is popular because it presents an anonymous way of making an online purchase. With this company around, players don't have to use credit/debit cards or reveal their bank details.

PayPal is also popular because it protects its buyers. If consumers do not receive the item purchased or get it in a bad condition, the company sees to it that they get back all their money. It uses the latest security technology, owing to which players' information is safe at the site. It also rewards loyalty by offering points that can later be redeemed for cash.

How to Make Casino Deposits Using PayPal

Loading funds into one's online casino account using PayPal is incredibly easy. Players have to first register a PayPal account, which can be done absolutely free of charge. They have to then register at an online casino that accepts PayPal as a payment method.

They should then login to their online casino account and select PayPal as their preferred deposit option. They will then be taken to the PayPal website, where they will be prompted to login to their PayPal accounts, input required details such as the amount they would like to deposit and so on. The funds will instantly be transferred from players' PayPal accounts to their online casino accounts.

Needless to say, players have to first load their PayPal accounts using a variety of methods such as debit/credit cards, Bank Transfer, prepaid cards, and so on.

How to Withdraw Casino Winnings Using PayPal

The withdrawal procedure is similar to the deposit procedure. Players should first select PayPal as their withdrawal method and enter the amount they would like to withdraw. They will then be taken to the PayPal page and required to input certain details. The funds will be instantly transferred from the online casino account to the PayPal account.

Using PayPal on Mobile Devices

Using PayPal on mobile devices in Australia is incredibly easily especially as PayPal is offered as a preferred payment method at several mobile sites. It presents a safe and simple way to make payments on the move. If an Aussie player wants to load his/her mobile casino account on the move, he/she only has to log in and initiate a payment.

To make PayPal payments very secure, PayPal on mobile uses a security key that nobody can duplicate. The online payment processor also sends consumers a text message with a temporary security code. Players will be allowed to login only if they input this security code properly.

PayPal Pros

  • Safe and secure
  • Deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous
  • Players don't have to reveal their financial details to the online casino
  • Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge at most casinos

PayPal Cons

  • Players have to register a PayPal account
  • Few casinos accept PayPal payments

PayPal FAQs

Are PayPal casinos safe?

PayPal and online casinos offering PayPal as a deposit option are 100% safe. Since PayPal casinos use the latest security technology, including firewall and encryption technologies, they are as safe as banks. Players don't have to worry about the safety and security of their money and financial details at PayPal casinos.

Is it safe to use PayPal on my mobile device?

Using PayPal to load your mobile casino is 100% safe because the online payment processor uses mobile security keys to protect user accounts. This security key creates a security code that cannot be duplicated with ease. In addition, mobile casinos use the latest security technology and are very safe and secure to use.

What happens if my smartphone or tablet gets stolen?

Even if you lose your smartphone or tablet, your PayPal casino account will remain safe as long as you don't store your casino username and password in your device. You should also refrain from storing your PayPal account details in your mobile device.

What are the fees associated with PayPal?

You can register at PayPal free of cost, and most online casinos do not charge players for making a deposit using PayPal. However, PayPal charges for foreign currency conversions. Players can load their PayPal accounts free of charge, but withdrawing PayPal funds is associated with fees, the size of which depends on the withdrawal method used.

Is PayPal available in my country?

PayPal processes gambling related transactions only from certain countries such as UK, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Sweden, and Australia. This is because PayPal prefers to steer clear of grey jurisdictions.